A Levels, IGCSE


Preschool, Primary, Secondary


City Centre, Kuala Lumpur


Max 25 students


No boarding


Al Noor International School (AIS-KL) is a private educational institution established in 1993. It was founded by a group of professionals that shared a vision for education, the school aims to create students that are reflective, caring, responsible and confident.


The school currently caters to the educational needs of children of more than thirty four nationalities and follows a tricurricular programme that combines the best elements of the British, Bahraini and Indian curriculums.


Using the blended curriculum, the school places an emphasis on social service activites amongst students. School provides a special ID access for students and parents to view their Examination Results online.

Combining the very best elements of multiple curriculums, Al Noor provides a hollistic academic foundation for students with a balance on language (English as First or Second language and Arabic) along with the science and numeracy prowness of international curriculums and Islamic studies. This aims to create students that are well rounded and able to navigate the challenges of the future.


The school also has a preschool that provides education fo children of the ages of 3 to 5. Providing a secure and nurturing environment, the preschool aims to nurture children with learning opportunities that challenging, stimulating and creative.

Located in the Bukit Petaling area, Al Noor's facilities are designed to cater to the academic and development needs of students. With dedicated facilites for ICT, languages, Science and Arts, the school also provides facilities for recreation and sports. This provides a well balanced range of facilities for students studying at Al Noor International School.


  • RM2,500


  • Preschool: RM2,651

  • Primary School: RM3,352 - RM4,199

  • Secondary School: RM5,034 - RM6,000

  • A-Level: RM6,500

*One-time payment


  • RM250

*3 terms per academic year

  • Girls: RM275

  • Boys: RM225


  • Sports Day: RM60

  • Final Ceremony: RM150

  • Preschool: RM2,651

  • Primary School: RM3,352 - RM4,199

  • Secondary School: RM5,034 - RM6,000

  • A-Level: RM6,500

*3 terms per academic year