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Primary, Secondary


Subang Jaya, Selangor


Max 28 students in class


No boarding


"APSS has made extensive use of ICT in their pedagogical methods together with creating a suitable learning environment to assist students to become more creative, motivated and innovative.
Student-Teacher ratio in APSS is maximum 28 students per class. In case of entrance test, if the student wasn't accepted by school the RM500 registration fee will be refunded. APSS accepts International students only for secondary level. Transportation is provided by school mainly in PJ area."
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Previously known Sapura Smart School, Asia Pacific Smart School was founded in January 2006 and is owned by the Sapura Group. The school aims to develop its students through learning, exploring, research and creativity.

All students are required to sit for the Basic Entrance Test (BET), which will assess students in Bahasa Malaysia, English and mathematics according to their previous or current level of study. The primary medium of instruction is Bahasa Malaysia, with Mathematics and Science being taught in English at all levels. Mandarine is a compulsory subject for students to learn.

APSS has put policies to hire educators with high teaching quality. The school evaluates teachers' performance to ensure they meet the standards. They provide a balance of work and fun in ways that encourage students to want to get involved in their lessons, increasing the rate at which they learn.

At Asia Pacific Smart School, teachers frequently communicate with parents through email on specific matters pertaining to students. This has proven to be an effective and efficient means of keeping parents involved with their child’s progress.

In order to facilitate Parent Communication, APSS made use of ICT to provide parents their Child's school life information through.

APSS has put in place the infrastructure and facilities, to promote opportunities and support in the numerous activities that students partake in. An extensive array of air-conditioned classrooms and labs, the school also boast indoor and outdoor sports facilities that include a 25 meter, 6 lane swiming pool, badminton and basketball courts as well as football fields. The school is further equipped with an infirmary, a cafeteria, seminar rooms and a multipurpose hall.


  • RM500

*One-time payment


  • RM500

*One-time payment


  • Primary School: RM2,000

  • Secondary School: RM3,000


*One-time payment


  • Year 1: RM6,550

  • Year 2: RM6,600

  • Year 3: RM6,710

  • Year 4: RM6,770

  • Year 5: RM6,870

  • Year 6: RM6,940


  • Year 1: RM7,600

  • Year 2: RM7,630

  • Year 3: RM7,980

  • Year 4 (Arts Stream): RM8,700

  • Year 4 (Science Stream): RM9,440

  • Year 5 (Arts Stream): RM8,770

  • Year 5 (Science Stream): RM9,490

*2 terms per academic year


  • RM250


  • Year 1 - 3: RM325

  • Year 4 & 5 (Arts Stream): RM350

  • Year 4 & 5 (Science Stream): RM400

*2 terms per academic year

  • RM50

*2 terms per academic year

  • RM50

*Only applicable for students who take the Arts & Craft subject

*2 terms per academic year

  • RM30

*2 terms per academic year

  • 2nd Child: 5%

  • 3rd Child: 10%

  • 4th Child: 15%

  • 5th Child: 20%