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Brainy Bunch - Bukit Mertajam

Pauh Jaya, Penang

Pauh Jaya, Penang


  • School Type
    Private Schools
  • Curriculum Offered
  • Levels Offered
    Elementary, High, Kindergarten
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  • Boarding

About Brainy Bunch - Bukit Mertajam

Teaching and Learning

At Brainy Bunch International Islamic Montessori, the teachers are given appropriate Montessori training so they can be good examples for the kids and also apt at delivering quality education in line with the school's vision of wanting the kids to flourish and grow in the right environment. Apart from that, BBIIM also believes in letting kids grow on their own and at their own pace. Every child is different and BBIIM fulfils their need by giving them their own space to progress.
The subjects offered at BBIIM is a mixture of academic subjects, life skills and also religious teachings. This is to ensure a rounded development and also an interesting learning experience by in calculating a variety of subjects in their curriculum. Kids are also allowed to move freely in the classroom so as to keep them active physically and mentally hence improving their focusing abilities.

SPICE (Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Creativity, Emotional) is the core of the education system in BBIIM. Spiritual growth is celebrated and kids are taught good characters and proper Islamic behaviour so they can have a better understanding of the religion. Physical activities are in abundance at BBIIM where kids participate in physical education and martial arts so they can learn to appreciate their healthy physique. The school also believes that kids should be allowed to grow according to their intellectual level instead of restricting their growth by age.

Brainy Bunch - Bukit Mertajam Fees

Registration Fee: Preschool: RM1,400 - RM1,700 Non-refundable Includes materials and Little Scientist Programme fees
Activities Fee: Playhouse: RM250 Primary: RM350 Non-refundable
Uniform: Gala Uniform: RM50 Sports Uniform: RM50
Tuition Fee: Preschool (Regular): RM340 - RM360 Preschool (Star Session): RM550 - RM640 Preschool (Full Day): RM640 - RM760 Monthly fees to be paid before the 5th of every month
Dream Tahfiz Programme: RM1,500 One-year course Full boarding

Brainy Bunch - Bukit Mertajam Contact Details


No. 31, Lorong Pauh 5, Taman Pauh, 13500 Permatang Pauh, Pulau Pinang




[email protected]


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