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Dwi Emas International School

Shah Alam, Selangor

24.8 km away

Shah Alam, Selangor

24.8 km kms away


  • School Type
    International Schools
  • Curriculum Offered
  • Levels Offered
    Primary, Secondary, A-levels
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    +603 7865 0774

About Dwi Emas International School


Students learn real world abilities, critical thinking skills and strong communication skills which empower them and enable them to communicate with anyone, even CEO's and leaders of  international organizations. Standing testament to the commitment of Dwi Emas to providing a level playing field in tomorrow's world for your children, Dwi Emas International School has collaborated with a number of multinational organisations to provide the very best to their students. Among the organizations in collaboration with Dwi Emas are: Expara; a venture capital organization, Futurist Foundation; an organization which cares, nurtures, trains and mentors young people to turn their business ideas into reality, Group MAD; a branding and communications consultancy agency and Rock Your Business; a small business sales and marketing agency based in the USA. In addition to the world renowned International Primary Curriculum (IPC), IGCSE and Cambridge A-Levels (CAL) syllabus provided at Dwi Emas, they also have a reputable financial education programme which starts from Year One. Primary school students organize a Kid's Market annually and sell items, Secondary school students setup their own online business and A-Levels students will spend six months setting up their own business and pitch their ideas to interested organizations. The outcomes of the financial education programme are to teach students how to; make money morally, ethically and legally, turn their ideas into businesses, setup online businesses and collaborate with organizations to obtain what they want, participate in real-life projects and engage with the community on social enterprises, pitch their business ideas, AND raise their own seed money and funds to embark on their own business. Dwi Emas believes that even if not all students will be entrepreneurs, they MUST have entrepreneurial thinking.


The school has separate computer labs and libraries for primary and secondary school students, a cafeteria selling wholesome, organic, healthy food, high speed wireless internet access, student lounges and creative spaces- all tailored to be wheelchair accessible. They provide a swimming pool for aquatic sports, a basketball court, a full scale gym, and also sports such as extreme frisbee, dodgeball and squash. The entire physical education programme is overseen by internationally trained physical fitness specialists. Challenging, youthful and exuberant; these are the words that best describe the spirit of Dwi Emas International School.

Dwi Emas International School Fees

Primary School (per year):
  • RM28,000 - RM30,000

Secondary School (per year):
  • RM34,000 - RM39,000

A-levels (per year):
  • RM26,400 - RM32,900

Dwi Emas International School Contact Details


Dwi Emas International School Precinct 4.3, PT 45, Jalan Ikhtisas 14 / 1,Seksyen 14,40000 Pusat Bandar Shah Alam, Selangor Darul Ehsan.


+603 5524 3692


[email protected]


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