A Levels, Cambridge A-Levels, Cambridge International, IGCSE, International Primary Curriculum (IPC)


A-levels, Primary, Secondary


Shah Alam, Selangor


Maximum 25 students per class (Secondary)


No boarding


Dwi Emas International School is Malaysia's First Entrepreneurial School. They equip every one of their students with the tools and skills to succeed in their careers and lives, whatever his or her academic capability may be. They seek to prepare students for their future. From Year 1, students are taught the entrepreneurial mindset, that is skills and characteristics exhibited by successful entrepreneurs.

Dwi Emas International School has produced many successful students in entrepreneurship. The students have their own businesses at a young age. For example, Myra a Year 10 founder of social enterprise - Gratitude Ten, Shailaja a Year 3 CEO of Bloom Teas, and so on.

The teachers here are so wonderful and encouraging. Freedom of expression and ideas are welcomed in the school.

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Dwi Emas International School is Malaysia’s First Entrepreneurial School, housed in its campus in the heart of Shah Alam, Selangor. It follows the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Cambridge IGCSE curricula, coupled with their award-winning ACE EdVenture method of teaching and learning, which has a 22-year proven track record. Their unique approach to education was created by reverse-engineering essential future competencies and skill sets and breaking down what a child would need to learn from Year 1 to Year 11 to prepare them for the future. With its entrepreneurial education, Dwi Emas grows trailblazers that are ready to lead tomorrow’s world.

Dwi Emas encourages students to be curious about what they are learning, and to be able to ask great questions as a result of that curiosity. It also employs active learning methods and integrates right-brain activities into left-brain subjects, so students are able to discover facts in a more interactive way and reason better e.g. students sing in Chemistry, create treasure hunts for Maths and choreograph dance moves for Physics. This not only makes learning fun and multidimensional, but engages students in a way that helps move information into long-term memory (which is great for examinations).

Being an Entrepreneurial School, students are also equipped with skills and experiences to create and run profitable, sustainable businesses. This develops skills such as leadership, creative problem solving, collaboration, analytical skills and self-reflection, just to name a few. It also develops grit and allows students to amass powerful experiences by the time they graduate, giving them an edge in their skills, mindset and decision-making. This begins right from Year 1 via their signature Financial Education classes.

Why entrepreneurship? Dwi Emas believes in growing pioneers who create opportunity and value for society. In an age where everyone has easy access to information, people who are adaptable and innovative have more value and are the ones who will succeed in the long run. While traditional systems prepare students to be job seekers, Dwi Emas students are empowered with choice: To contribute their valuable mindset, skills and experience to work for an organisation, or to set up their own business and provide jobs for others.

At the helm of Dwi Emas International School is a passionate team of educators, fully dedicated to ensuring they "grow leaders right". The multi award winning team been recognised by Cambridge University Student Union for 4 years in a row. In 2017, Dwi Emas was listed as a "Best-Practice Pioneer" in the Cambridge Strategies' Innovation 800 publication.

The Dwi Emas campus sits in the heart of Shah Alam next to Blue Wave Hotel, opposite DEMC Specialist Hospital, and houses the following facilities :

  • Primary School Library

  • Secondary School Library

  • Courtyard Playground

  • Synthetic Outdoor Playing Area

  • Science Labs

  • International Students Office

  • Indoor Swimming Pool

  • Table Tennis Facilities

  • Basketball Court

  • Futsal Courts

  • Netball Court

  • Dodgeball Court

  • Volleyball Court

  • Badminton Courts

  • Multipurpose Hall

  • Cafeterias

  • Elevators

  • Infirmary


  • RM28,000 - RM30,000

  • RM34,000 - RM39,000

  • RM26,400 - RM32,900