British National Curriculum, IGCSE


Primary, Secondary


Sungai Buloh, Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Selangor


Max 20 students in class


No boarding


elc was founded in 1987, it now has two campuses, one in Sungai Buloh (Early Years to Year 11) and a campus in Cyberjaya (Reception to Year 11).

Parents who send their children to elc are entrusting them to a group of dedicated professionals committed to maintaining high standards both academically and socially. Courtesy, concern for others and care of the environment are all actively encouraged whilst a very firm stand is taken against negative social behaviour."

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Founded in 1987, elc has two campuses; Sungai Buloh Campus (1987) and the Cyberjaya Campus (2010), the school’s curriculum and teaching methods are modelled after the best practices of Britain and Malaysia, and it keeps to a set of traditional values that provide the ethos of “excellence, loyalty & commitment”, the hallmark of the school.

elc International School offers a British-based curriculum from nursery to Year 11 from the ages of 3 to 16. The school follows the National Curriculum of England in both the primary and secondary divisions, leading to the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

There is no policy of streaming students into science and arts streams in the Secondary Division. Instead, at the point of entry to Year 10, students together with their parents are advised on an optimum combination of subjects to begin the process of preparation for preferred career paths and university education. There is no direct admission into Year 11 as the IGCSE programme is a 2 year programme beginning in Year 10.

The school also places an emphasis for non-curricular activites that includes sports, performing arts, music and community service. This is to provide a hollistic enrichment of the students beyond the rigours of academics.

Both elc campuses boast a significant amount of amenities that cater to the academic and co-curricular needs of the students. This includes an impressive array of indoor as well as outdoor facilities such as swimming pools outdoor football pitches and indoor basketball courts. Both campuses have a combined total of 14 acres in facilities and sport amenities alone.

elc International School also has an extensive network of classrooms and dedicated learning spaces for science, arts and design, ICT and music. These facilites provide for students at elc the very best learning opportunities available in which a intensive curriculum and dedicated teaching staff strives it's best to provide for the enrichment of the students.


  • RM8,000


  • RM1,000

*This fee is charged per child and covers the costs incurred during the 2 day Entrance Assessment


  • Parents are required to pay a deposit of one term's fees, per child, at the time of entry to the school.

  • Early Years: RM4,400

  • Reception: RM4,700

  • Year 1 - 6: RM6,000 - RM9,000

  • Year 7 - 11: RM10,500 – RM12,500

*3 terms per academic year

  • Miscellaneous Fee will be itemised and they do not generally exceed RM200 per term