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GEMS International School is conveniently located at Tropicana Metropark, Subang Jaya, and is accessible from USJ Heights or via the Federal Highway (fewer than 10 minutes from the Batu Tiga Toll Plaza). The learning environment is carefully crafted to suit every stage of a child’s development. All GEMS Schools are accredited and/or affiliated to internationally acclaimed education organisations, such as the Cambridge International Examinations.

GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark is proud to teach a curriculum which is taught in over 150 countries and can open doors to some of the world's most prestigious higher education establishments - the National Curriculum for England and Wales, also known as the “British Curriculum”.

Following the National Curriculum for England and Wales, the school hopes to open doors for their students through this highly recognised and international curriculum. The GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark is one of a wider network of GEMS schools that educates students in Europe, Africa, North America, Asia and the Middle East. This provides families the opportunity to transfer their children between GEMS schools should their circumstances change.

The school wants all students to develop an appreciation of their culture, their home or host country, as encapsulated in their maxim “Malaysia first, the world next”. To this end, GEMS schools have used over 55 years’ experience as international educators and a family of teachers to combine it in a meaningful way with Malaysian subjects and components and create an “enriched curriculum”.

The British National Curriculum is particularly good at teaching students to think for themselves. Our teachers work hard to encourage open debate and discussion among students, helping them to develop their own beliefs and voice their own opinions with clarity and confidence. Encouraging creativity both in artistic expression and individual thought is another cornerstone of this system

GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark's educational approach integrates three key aspects in each child’s education. The school calls it the “3As”: Academics, Attitudes, and Abilities. The school’s academic role in teaching the syllabus is well understood. Integrating attitudes and abilities – in other words, character and deep skills – with the classic acquisition of knowledge is a more challenging task. To cultivate these essential, yet abstract, qualities in our students, GEMS school have created the Hexagram Model. The Hexagram aims to guide teachers, students and parents in their efforts to grow, develop and succeed. It is organised around six fundamental facets of human development:

  • Knowing

  • Principles

  • Inquiring

  • Empathy

  • Personal Effectiveness

  • Being

GEMS International School, Tropicana Metropark has first-rate facilities including a full-size, elevated, artificial turf football field; a sports hall; a swimming pool; numerous specialist classrooms and labs; a dance studio; a black box theatre; and various shared learning spaces.

With exposure to a wide range of sports, performing arts, culture, science and technology, your child will develop in a stimulating and supportive environment surrounded by opportunities to learn.


  • RM500

*Registration fee is a one-off payment and is non-refundable

  • RM4,500

*This fee is one-off and non refundable.

  • RM5,000

*A deposit needs to be made prior to the first term

  • RM1,000

*The resource fee is per child and this fee includes library e-book services, perishable items (art, lab and PE materials) and school activities.

  • Nursery & Reception: RM26,250

  • Year 1 - 6: RM30,625 - RM37,810

  • Year 7 - 9: RM42,850