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Petaling Jaya, Selangor


4:1 (Nursery)

6:1 (Preschool)


No boarding


JOYKIDS International Preschool provides a vibrant, joyful, stimulating, nurturing and secure environment with proven integrated curricula and superb facilities that is conducive to the holistic development of our children. All these provide a unique and quality early education experience for young children from the ages of 18 months to 6 years old.

Education doesn’t end in the classroom! They offer a wide range of activities like exploratory field trips, multicultural events, creative enrichment classes and athletic endeavors to enhance and enrich your child’s early learning experiences. Most of all, they believe that early learning should be fun and enjoyable.

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Every child is a unique and special individual. Therefore, JOYKIDs aims to reach out to each individual child by respecting and embracing his or her unique personality.

All children have a right to an education that helps them grow and develop to their fullest. Children’s ideas, preferences, learning styles, and interests play an important role in the planning and implementation of instructional practices. At JOYKIDS, children are active and responsible participants in their own education and discover their own pace of learning.

Their facilities are designed to create a secure, stimulating, comfortable and child-centered environment that allows kids to explore their creativity and passion. JOYKIDS believe that a child-centered environment is an important foundation of early childhood education and is the key to promoting the holistic growth of a child.

Class size is one factor to consider when evaluating a school’s effectiveness. All children have different needs and benefit more from one-to-one guidance as they learn. This is why a smaller class allows them to receive more attention as they develop their learning behaviors and social skills.

According to researchers, reducing the size of classes in the early grades reduces the distractions in the room and gives the teacher more time to devote to each child. This low Student-to-Teacher ratio can also encourage greater participation in the class. The positive effects of a reduced student-to-teacher ratio are the most apparent in early education, specifically for young children from 2 to 6 years old.

Therefore, JOYKIDS have adopted these principles to allocate smaller sized classes of 8 children per class for nursery and 12 children per class for preschool. The Student–Teacher ratio of 4:1 for nursery classes and 6:1 for preschool classes ensures the best quality in early years’ education. They believe that small class sizes during these early years can have lasting effects.

JOYKIDS staff are passionate about delivering the school objective of ‘Nurturing Our Young Generation’, and their fully trained teachers always strive to meet the individual needs of each student.

The learning and development here stretches beyond the typical reaches of a class or playroom and they respect each child’s unique personality and methods of learning. The staff at JOYKIDS are committed to seeing and helping develop the potential for success in every student, instilling good values of respect, passion, love, joy and hope in their early years’ character development which will definitely benefit their bright future.

JOYKIDS is dedicated to nurturing our young generation and building a strong foundation for their future.


  • RM1,000

*Payable upon submission of the Application Form


  • RM3,000

*A one-off payment prior to student commencing classes

*Payable upon acceptance of Letter of Offer


  • RM3,500

*The deposit fee is refundable to parents that provide a TWO MONTHS written notice before the child is to be withdrawn from the school, assuming that all outstanding fees are paid and alll text/library books are returned.

  • RM30

*Per academic year

  • RM80 - RM180

*All students are required to wear uniform to school

*All uniform sets and individual items can be purchased at the school shop

  • RM20,200 - RM26,200

  • 10% discount off tuition fee for second child

  • 15% discount off tuition fee for third child and subsequent children