Local Curriculum (KBSR/KSSR & KBSM/KSSM)


Kindergarten, Primary, Secondary


Kuching, Sarawak


Max 24 students in class


No boarding


Lodge National School is part of the Lodge Group of Schools, a private educational institution. The group is run by the non-profit-making Lodge Associate.


The school started as The Lodge Preparatory School and Kindergarten in 1953 to serve the educational needs of British expatriates' children in Kuching. It now offers education from kindergarten to secondary levels.

Lodge National school prepares students in primary schools and secondary schools for all major public examinations - The UPSR, the PMR, and the SPM. The school's medium of instruction is Malay, but almost all teachers are fluent in English and possess more than the minimum standard of education required for teaching.


Additional time is allotted to the teaching of Bahasa Malaysia and English in Lodge National Primary School, and the school also offers a large variety of enrichment programmes for English, Mathematics, and Science at various levels. The school also teaches IT skills through usage of the Cambridge ICT Starter Programme.


Lodge Group of Schools is run by the non-profit making Lodge School Association. Every parent is a member of Lodge School Association. The Association elects new Board members every two years.

Sharing it's campus with it's sister school, Lodge International School, the school is able to share some of the facilities and amenities available at the campus such as cafeteria and the sick bay.


The school offers adequate facilities that range from dedicated learning spaces and classrooms to sporting facilities that provide students with recreational options while in school.


  • Kindergarten: RM250

  • Primary School: RM500

  • Secondary School: RM500

*One-time payment



  • Kindergarten: RM4,500

  • Primary School: RM6,500

  • Secondary School: RM8,500


  • RM100


  • RM1,240


  • Primary School: RM40

  • Secondary School: RM80

  • Primary School: RM60

  • Secondary School: RM120

  • Kindergarten: RM3,312 - RM3,552

  • Primary School: RM5,100

  • Secondary School: RM5,980 - RM8,200