Local Curriculum (KSSR & KSSM)


Primary, Secondary


Kota Damansara, Selangor


Maximum 28 Students


No boarding


"At Sekolah Sri KDU, the curriculum is based on a child-centred instructional approach with emphasis on reading, writing and arithmetic skills. In order to support the delivery of the curriculum, the school’s facilities are well maintained and security is also a priority at the school.

In order to cultivate students who can look at issues from a global viewpoint, teachers will inject international perspectives into the national curriculum where applicable.

The fees per annum is RM20,000 - RM21,000 for primary school, RM22,000 for Secondary 1-3 and RM23,000 - RM24,000 for Secondary 4-5 depending on the stream.

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Sekolah Sri KDU provides a holistic programme where academic excellence is complemented with the development of skills to prepare children for the competitive world. The school’s enhanced curriculum covers both Primary and Secondary levels. Children are nurtured in a trilingual environment with emphasis on English, Bahasa Melayu and Mandarin.

In addition to the KSSR, Sri KDU Primary School students also study English, Mathematics and Science based on the Singapore International and Cambridge Curricula. At Sri KDU Secondary School, English, Mathematics and Science are taught using the Malaysian National Curriculum (KSSM) and Cambridge Curriculum. Both Mathematics and Science are taught in English.

The structured Performing Arts (SPA) programme is part of the enhanced curriculum which is made compulsory for students from Primary One until Secondary Three. It encompasses four key areas; Choral Singing, Dance, Musical Instruments and Speech & Drama. Through this programme, students are provided with the opportunity to become self-confident and experience the world from perspectives other than their own.

All students go for one educational trip a year. The trip is usually related to the work pupils are doing in class and include visits to museums, theatres, parks and farms. Our student exchange programmes, leadership and motivational camps and community projects all contribute towards a balanced, holistic development of every child while concurrently complementing his or her academic pursuit.

The co-curricular activities (CCA) are part of the school curriculum to educate students with the following objectives:

  • Instill the spirit of leadership, teamwork and collaboration;

  • Strike a balance in the development of the intellect, physical health and emotional well-being;

  • Promote discipline, respect, dignity, pride and the healthy spirit of competition.

Sekolah Sri KDU CCA programme enables students to acquire skills, develop leadership qualities, build confidence and increase self-esteem in their personal pursuit and development.