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Petaling Jaya, Selangor




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Our vision is to create the best Islamic premium schools worldwide that embody a holistic and caring environment

fostering excellence in academic and moral education to create responsible leaders that lead humanity.

We are committed to ensuring that every child that goes through the Seven Skies International programme graduates with the following values:

  • Character: Manners before knowledge; social intelligence.

  • Determination: Allah in our hearts and the world in our hands.

  • Excellence: Pursuit of perfection.

  • Curiosity: Hunger for discovery.

  • Leadership: Ownership, responsibility and self-control.

  • Optimism:Positivity in everything.

  • Gratitude: Humility and thankfulness.

Seven Skies International School, a provider of quality Islamic-infused education in Malaysia, has established its position with extraordinary holistic curriculum, unique and engaging environment, complemented by its positive lifelong impact on students, their families and the surrounding communities.

With structured, diverse and innovative learning platforms, which provides students with opportunities for education and personal growth through Islamic manners and moral education, not only enables them for success academically, but also empowers them to succeed in life, beyond academics and serve humanity. The school aims to build the key group of next generation that are able to adapt to both the conventional world and be a good Muslim.The Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said, “I have been sent to perfect good character.” We build the character and personality of our children to want success for themselves as well as others, and to mould their lives accordingly with the dunya in their hands and the akhirah in their hearts.

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  • Kindergarten: RM10,360

  • Year 1 - Year 2: RM20,446

  • Year 3 - Year 6: RM23,981

  • Year 7 - Year 9: RM25,610

  • Year 10 - Year 11: RM26,210

  • RM2,500