A Levels, IGCSE


Primary, Secondary


Kota Bharu, Kelantan


Max 25 students in class



Wadi Sofia International School (WaSIS) is a private co-educational institution, which provides primary, secondary and pre-university courses. It is one of the schools under Wadi Sofia College Pte Ltd, which was founded by Datuk Hassan bin Harun.

WaSIS offers British curriculum leading to IGCSE or O-Level and A-Level examinations (Cambridge International Examinations) and A-Level's which is a pre-university course of 18 months duration.


Providing a holistic curriculum set amid a calm and serene environment, students at WaSIS enjoy the benefits of the very best that a British curriculum can offer in a lovely campus.

Wadi Sofia International School provides boarding for students, with separate accommodation facilities for boys and girls from secondary 1 (12 years old and above). It has more hostel places for female students than for boys. Other than wardens and several other teachers, all key personnel of the school, namely the Principal, Deputy Principal and Registrar live within the campus.


Hostel students are allowed to go for outings once every alternate Saturday. Each alternate Saturday is meant for either girls or boys only.For an additional charges, air-conditioning can be installed in individual rooms.


During semester breaks, students who do not go home to their families due to distance, etc., may remain on campus. For this additional service a student is charged a daily rate for food and lodging based on the number of days he stays back. Overseas students who do not go home to their families during December holiday, which is slightly more then a month long, may join special programmes such as field trips to places of interest in Malaysia. For these trips, the students concerned will have to bear the cost accordingly.


  • Primary School: RM500

  • Secondary School: RM1,500


*One-time payment

  • Primary School: RM1,500

  • Secondary School: RM1,500 - RM2,500


*One-time payment

  • RM2,000

*One-time payment

  • Primary School: RM600

  • Secondary School: RM1,200

  • Primary School: RM300

  • Secondary School: RM600 - RM1,200

  • Primary School: RM3,000

  • Secondary School: RM3,600 - RM6,000

*2 terms per academic year