Bridging the gap between the young and the Quran

July 04, 2016

Idrissi International School organizes friendly Junior Qari Challenge to enhance youth and Quran link. 

Being judged during the recital by the young ones.

What better way to gather young school children, to strengthen and create new friendships, than to recite and understand the Quran together.

Idrissi Islamic International School organised its first Junior Qari International Primary School Friendly Challenge and Islamic Books Day today, gathering teachers and children from various International schools from within the Klang Valley.

Held in conjunction during the month of Ramadhan, the friendly challenge was held to strengthen the link and connection between the children and the Quran. The challenge also aims to foster the silaturrahim (the Arabic translation for relationship) between schools, be it among their students or teachers.

The challenge saw five international schools participating in the challenge, sending in their little representatives to take part in one or more of the three categories contested – tajweed, memorization and understanding of the Qur’an.

A participant confidently recites her part.

“This event is really not about competing. It is more about sharing the words of Allah, so that we may understand and love the Quran even more. At this young age, it’s good that they already feel connected to the Book. And today, through the Book too, they get to meet and make new friends.” said Puan Zaliza Alias, House Director of the Idrissi Islamic International School.

Children from as young as 7 years old took part in the challenge which was held in Idrissi School itself. Other than the hosting school, the participating schools were Baseerah International School, Al Noor International School, Tenby International School, and Regent International School. Students from the Home of Hope in Shah Alam were also present as guest reciters.

The winners of the Junior Qari Competition

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