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The Ideal School for a Holistic, Well-Rounded Education: Maple Leaf Kingsley International School

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Apr 23, 2024

Imagine a school nestled on a beautiful green peak! That’s Maple Leaf Kingsley International School! Here, learning isn’t just about books and classrooms, it’s about growing and learning wholesomely in body, mind and spirit!

ML Kingsley embraces a holistic ethos that nurtures intellectually. With a steadfast commitment to providing a well-rounded experiential learning, the school seamlessly weaved its academic teaching and learning with lots of extracurricular activities and brainstorming exercises, fostering a vibrant learning environment where students can explore, create, and grow, enhancing their multiple intelligences.

With focused dedication to ensure exciting and interesting academic developments, Kingsley has garnered not just admiration, but excellent confidence for the school and its educators from its stakeholders and all who come into contact with her! 

A learning environment that helps students thrive

ML KIS takes centre stage by providing an environment that is serene and conducive for teaching and learning. The campus’s peaceful atmosphere creates an ideal space for students to focus and thrive.

According to Mr Rowland, a parent of ML Kingsley, the expansive campus may be compared to a "mini University", its vast resources and facilities support both academic and extracurricular pursuits relentlessly. This tranquil setting not only fosters academic excellence but also encourages personal growth and development in every child.

ML Kingsley enrolled global students in a welcoming atmosphere. Catering to those seeking an international education experience, the school embraces diversity, creating a multicultural environment where students from different backgrounds come together to learn and grow and embrace differences. 

With its wide range of extracurricular activities designed to enhance students’ overall development, these activities go beyond academics, allowing students to explore their interests and talents. For instance, popular activities like horse riding, fencing, martial arts, these sports not only promote physical fitness but also instil values such as sportsmanship, team spirit, discipline and leadership culture. 

Rohit Kanna, a Year 7 student finds personal fulfilment and growth through structured physical activities like fencing. Rohit appreciates the elegance and focus-enhancing qualities of fencing, highlighting how such activities contribute to his personal development.

Ker Shin, another student, enjoyed the school's facilities such as the ICT labs, science labs, swimming pools and gym workout rooms. These facilities have definitely left a positive impact on her experiential learning. She participated keenly and enthusiastically in the sport of badminton, and through this, she has continued to improve hand-eye coordination and agility, further enhancing her overall development for possible participation in national competitions and tournaments.

“With an approximate of 40 extracurricular options available, Kingsley encourages students to explore their potential and interests fully. These diverse activities allow students to discover new passions, develop skills and build confidence,” says Ms Wong, who is another parent of the school. With this wide range of extracurricular activities, ML Kingsley ensures that every student has the opportunity to thrive and excel beyond academics, nurturing well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of the world. 

A Supportive Community 

ML Kingsley encourages student’s engagements towards personal growth, evident in the development of multilingual skills and increased confidence in communication.

“My son who has been with Kingsley for 5 years now has improved in his language skills. Before ML Kingsley, his English wasn’t the best but now he is multilingual in different languages learnt and fluent in the new languages he is learning,” Rowland emphasises.

Another ML Kingsley student, Syahir saw how all his teachers work and the extent of help from them for their students. This fosters a supportive and encouraging learning partnership.

All teachers at Kingsley are Cambridge-trained and certified and must demonstrate both expertise and passion in their teaching. With a high commitment to providing individualised attention, these educators enjoy their teaching passion to support students in their learning journeys. 

Ms Nadiah, the Head of Key Stage 2 and Primary Pastoral Care has taught more than 10 years in ML Kingsley, she exemplifies her dedication through her commitment of looking after the needs of every student, regardless of their learning abilities. Her action of providing extra help and care ensures that every student has the window of opportunity to be heard and seen.

Ms Syamim, Head of Key Stage 1 and also teaches ART, further enhances her student’s learning experience by incorporating activities such as music and games. This stimulates different multiple intelligences and ensures engagements are ignited. Her supervision over the Eco-Enzyme Farm project provides students with practical knowledge of eco-friendly practices, enriching their understanding of environmental sustainability and how to be kind to Mother Earth.

ML Kingsley's implementation of a comprehensive Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) curriculum promotes Values, Hygiene, Problem-Solving and Healthy Relationships, and nurtures the personal growth of students in on-going, never-ending lessons. 

This expansive and important curriculum, coupled with the encouragement and supporting teachers helps to identify strengths, instil Curiosity, fosters Confidence and Resilience among students. Through such initiatives, ML Kingsley empowers students to navigate the challenges with confidence to emerge as thriving individuals – who are capable and receptive to adapt to a harsh environment.

ML Kingsley is dedicated to continuing to advocate towards anti bullying. The PSHE curriculum gives students the understanding of how dangerous bullying is, and how to overcome situations related to bullying.

Nurturing minds, cultivating futures

The teachers at ML Kingsley make sure students are well taken cared for ensuring they are happy to learn and safe at all times. 

Pastoral care comes from within every adult and these are the types of nurturing desired by ML Kingsley – working and caring for students’ welfare, tirelessly. The emphasis on Academic and Sports Achievement, coupled with well-equipped facilities and excellent pastoral care, truly distinguishes ML Kingsley from other educational institutes.

ML Kingsley has created an environment where students arrive to study and are made to feel inclusive and not neglected. As the school continues to shape achievers and instil respect for education, its impact resonates far beyond the classrooms, leaving a lasting legacy of empowered individuals poised to create positive marks for their futures!