Jokowi: People's President Chose Private Education for Son

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Nov 26, 2014, 02:39 AM

Joko Widodo and his wife recently travelled to Singapore to attend the graduation of their son, Kaesang Pangarep from a private school there. At first glance, the couple seemed like any regular Indonesian parents, proud and beaming on their economy class flight seats.The Indonesian president (fondly known as Jokowi) has always been known as a humble and thrifty man who does not spend much money on appearances. Indeed, there have been posters calculating the cost of his attire from top to toe as part of his election campaign (a total of RM 100!).We see many similarities between the personality that had recently graced the cover of TIME magazine with most Malaysian parents. Like Jokowi, we also rather shift our finances to the benefit of high quality education for our children.For most of us, quality education means a holistic approach with the best facilities and services available. Malaysia is the best place for that, as we have top notch schools, beautiful and preserved nature and up-to-date technology. There are many private and international schools to choose from. Many also provide boarding for international students.Don’t forget to LIKE us on Facebook and receive updates and consultation on all matters related to Private and International schools in Malaysia. RELATED ARTICLESInvesting (Too?) Early in EducationWould you borrow money for private school?A Guide to Finding the Right SchoolPlanning Finances For the Education of Your Future ChildrenPrivate Schools in MalaysiaInternational Schools in MalaysiaMore Indonesians to Seek International Schools in Malaysia

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