Malaysian PISA results under scrutiny for lack of evidence

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Dec 08, 2016, 10:57 AM

"How did Malaysia get a "much improved" PISA score when it was not part of the OECD 2015 report?", asked Lim Kit Siang, leader of the Democratic Action Party. DAP’s Lim Kit Siang has pointed out that Malaysia would have needed to be included in the OECD report for it to be part of the PISA. — Picture by Choo Choy May(Image via: The Malay Mail Online) Indeed, that was probably the question most had in mind as one skims through the official PISA 2015 report. It seems apparent that Malaysia is missing from the 'world school report' results.  In a statement yesterday, Kit Siang said the PISA 2015 authorities have "dropped and de-recognised" Malaysia’s results in this triennial test for reasons we are just to uncover.Lim Kit Siang has criticised the education ministry for making claims over the latest report under the Programme for Inter­national Student Assessment (Pisa) 2015, when Malaysia had been omitted from the Pisa ranking this year.He was referring to deputy education director general Dr Amin Senin's announcement on Malaysia's PISA 2015 achievement as reported by major newspapers yesterday.According to Amin Senin, Malaysia recorded better scores in all three PISA domains. For the Science literacy domain, Malaysia scored 443 points, an increase of 23 points compared to the PISA 2012 results. The score obtained for the reading literacy domain stands at 431 points, a rise of 33 points compared to the previous edition. The country scored 446 points in the Mathematics literacy domain this year compared to PISA 2012, with 421 points.PUTRAJAYA, 6 Dis -- Timbalan Pengarah Pelajaran, Datuk Dr Amin Senin menunjukkan Pencapaian Kebangsaan Keputusan Program Penilaian Murid Antarabangsa (PISA) 2009, 2012 dan 2015 selepas sidang media pengumuman keputusan laporan PISA 2015 di Kementerian Pendidikan hari ini. --fotoBERNAMA (2016) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARAThe survey showed that Malaysia was moving towards hitting the global average score of 490 in mathematics and 493 in reading and science.The DAP veteran added that it was premature for Amin to also claim that the Ministry of Education’s Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) initiative was the major push which helped Malaysia register higher scores in Pisa 2015, as the education ministry had not even secured recognition of these so-called Pisa 2015 results in the first place.Kit Siang demanded a full and detailed explanation from Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid to clarify the matter.  

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