Schools providing visa for international students in Malaysia

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Malaysia is one of the most considered stopping place for any student looking to study abroad.

According to New Strait Times, 200,000 international students are anticipated to be studying in Malaysia by 2020. Consequently, the incoming of foreign guests in Malaysia has led to the generation of new student visa requirements.

All international students will need a valid Student Pass and Visa to study in the country. By the Malaysian law, only public or private Malaysian institutions under the jurisdiction of either the Ministry of Higher Education or the Ministry of Home Affairs are able to accept international students.

Below, are some schools which accepts international students and provide VISAs:

Garden International School Early Years Centre

Location: Kuala Lumpur

At Early Years Centre (EYC), children are presented with a happy, secure and enriched environment where they will feel valued and furthermore boost their self-confidence to become lifelong learners. The learning environments both inside and outside are well resourced and offers a range of multi-sensory learning opportunities. The team at EYC consists of dedicated staff who are actively promoting positive relationships and support children in developing effective communication skills.Admission is possible throughout a school year based on the School’s schedule, the suitability of the programme for your child at the intended admission time and place availability. The Application for Admission form may be downloaded from the School’s website or there is the availability to complete an Online Application for Admission which is available on the School’s website. Garden International School does not provide boarding facilities, so students must be living with their parents who possess valid visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department. Admission to, and continued status as a student of the school, is conditional on the student possessing a valid visa as well.

Joy Kids International School

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Joy Kids accept children of all nationalities, religions and social backgrounds. The school seek to put a diverse group of children who will not be able to learn and grow in an exceptional and exciting environment.To enrol your child in Joy Kids, you will need to prepare a requisite set of documents for submissions. Upon registration, your child will be allotted a class and a date of commencement, or be placed on waiting list. Before your child begins his/her educational journey at the school, confirmation will be sent to the parents. Registration only becomes valid when parents visit to confirm application and pay the registration fee and deposit.

Asia Pacific International School (APIS)

Location: Bukit Subang, Selangor

APIS is a friendly and happy school with a strong sense of community. Respect, tolerance, creativity, and independent learning are a priority at the school. The school values emotional and social development of their students and understand that a good education is not only about exam results.Admission into Asia Pacific International School is on a first-come-first-served basis and is subject to approval and availability of places. All sections of the Application Form must be completed. The application will only be processed upon receipt of complete and accurate disclosure of information.For non-Malaysian passport-holding students, admission to, and continued status as a student in, the school is conditional on the child possessing a valid visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The parents or guardian shall undertake to keep the School informed of any changes in the status during the child’s enrolment at the school. For Non-Malaysian Student there is a requisite for the procedures and required forms that need to be sent to the school.

Taylor’s international School (TIS)

Location: Kuala Lumpur

TIS is the latest addition to the Taylor’s Education Group. It provides exceptional learning environments for children from Early Years to Secondary. TIS offers a global learning experience based on the highly valued National Curriculum for England that leads to excellence in IGCSE qualifications.Admissions procedures are different for TIS. The Application Form, together with requisite documents needs to be submitted to the school. Upon receipt of the application form, an appointment will be made to assess the child to determine the acceptance and placement of the child. Where places are available (i.e. number of students per class have not exceeded the maximum capacity as per policy), admission of students into Taylor’s International School is subject to a satisfactory assessment.

MAZ International School

Location: Petaling Jaya, Selangor

At MAZ, they believe that a child needs no just solid education but the ability to be street-smart as well. The happiest and most successful students are those with good motivation and a sense of pride in doing things well, rather than merely being competitive. MAZ International School today boast as being one of the most modern schools with state of the art facilities second to none in functionality or aesthetics.The admission of any child is at the absolute discretion of the school and the school is not obliged to offer any justification for the rejection of any application. For non-Malaysian citizens, admission to, and continued status as a student at the school, is conditional on the child possessing a valid visa issued by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The parents shall undertake to keep the school informed of any changes in their immigration status during the child’s enrolment at the school and will incur any changes in their immigration status during the child’s enrolment at the school and will incur any charges deemed necessary by the school if failure to do so results in the school having to extend or renew said visa.

Sunway International School

Location:  Subang Jaya, Selangor

Sunway International School (SIS) consist of two schools, one is in Sunway City and the other at Sunway Iskandar. SIS offers and internationally recognised education- the Ontario School curriculum which is ranked among the world’s best in school education.SIS welcomes students who have completed at least 6 years of primary to apply for admission into Grade 7. For Grades 8 to 11, students would be expected to show documentation indicating successful completion of the most recent level to apply for the next progressive grade. This will be determined at the initial stage via a review of the applicant’s most recent 3 years’ final report card/academic results on submission of the application documents.Applicants must fulfil the application procedures that include writing a Readiness Assessment in English and Mathematics. Applicants are expected to meet the minimum requirements in these competencies, to gauge their eligibility for the academic expectations of the grade. As a general rule, SIS will consider an applicant’s age at point of commencement when considering an applicant’s eligibility for the grade applied. In the event of exceptions, the application would be reviewed by the Principal’s Office on a case-by-case basis. Where necessary, an interview may be conducted if required to confirm the grade placement. While for IBDP applications, all students will be required to sit for interview(s). There are specific steps that needs to be followed for the application process.

Australian International School Malaysia

Location: Seri Kembangan, Selangor

AISM thrives at making its students to excel where students are challenged to extend themselves and explore their talents. AISM is one of the best international schools in Kuala Lumpur and aims to admit students who will thrive in the school’s environment and for whom they can provide the right support. The school enjoys an internationally diverse, welcoming student body and admissions are welcomed from all nationalities. There are limited places available in selected year levels, therefore your child’s admission will be subject to the availability of places in the requested year group.The international school values academic achievement and the admissions assessment and interview, along with other documents, such as school reports will help the school assess your child’s academic level prior to enrolment at AISM. The nationality of a student is determined by the identification document (or passport) of the Student. Due to Malaysian Immigration regulations, expatriate parents must show evidence of valid documentation for their stay in Malaysia.

Therefore, after following the admission procedures and once your child is accepted to an institution and you have arrived in Malaysia, (s)he will be issued with a valid student visa provided that the student has the letter of approval for a Student Pass ready at the immigration checkpoint.


Student Pass is valid for a year and may not be renewed if (s)he has not met the class attendance requirements, or has not proven course selection for the following semester. 


(New Strait Times, 2017). M'sia targets 200,000 foreign students by 2020, sees education as main revenue contributor. Retrieved from 

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