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What Can Parents Do After the Private International School Fair (PISF)

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Nov 07, 2018, 09:22 AM

What do you do after coming back from an education fair? Did you learn anything about the schools from the fair? Do you think you left the fair well-informed about everything you wanted and needed to know about the schools and curriculum options or international education in general?

1. Go through the information you gathered at the fair

With all the information and views gathered from the fair, you are certained of the qualifications certain schools would require and how best to utilise your child’s qualifications.  Insightful advice by representatives of the schools were given to you to help you find the right school for your child.

2. Shortlist schools you want to visit

From the views shared by the representatives of some schools that may be in your best interest, you can have an idea of what you would need the schools to provide to you. You can shortlist the potential schools you have to sort out your options as that would help for an easy selection process.

3. Visit the schools and explore their facilities and speak to teachers

With the list sorted out, you can plan your school visits to get a feel of the school in person so you could assess whether the schools can be the right fit for your child. If your child is highly competent in a certain subject, it is best to visit specific departments firsthand. You will get to ask questions that could clear up any confusions or doubts you have and you will also get to meet the teachers to get an indication of their passion on education your kids and rapport with students.

4. Decide on a school and prepare for enrolment

After taking these steps, you will definitely not be at your wit’s end, undecisive and lost as now you have gleaned a better understanding to evaluate which school stands out more than the rests.

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