Borneo International School to open in Kuching in June 2017

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Mar 06, 2017

Borneo International School will be set up in Tabuan Laru to cater to the educational needs of the community here. One of the Governors of Borneo International School, Mark Tan will be setting up the school with local bussinessman, Dato' Ngeng Eng Cheng  Untitled

Seated from left are Kuching Borneo International School Board of Governors, Mark Tan, Dato' Ngeng Eng Cheng and Cherry Chiaw while standing from left are management staff, Balu Siva Subramaniam, Jesline Chen, Lynn Teoh, Mon Ngeng and June Ngeng.  

Tan, who has over 15 years of running six International Schools in Peninsular Malaysia said both of them shared a passion and vision for providing quality education in a conducive and comfortable environment at an affordable price in Kuching.

The accessibility of Borneo International School is unparalleled- the school would be located 4km north east of Kuching International Airport and 7km away from Kuching City Centre.

The school will be opened for assessment and enrollment in mid-April for Primary students from Year 1 to Year 6 and secondary students in Year 7 and Year 8. The school would follow the UK Cambridge Curriculum, IGCSE. Such credential is recognized worldwide for entry into university and other forms of tertiary education.

Tan added the school will offer all subjects with four terms per year and students can opt to sit for local examinations if they wish to do so.

Borneo International School will the first school to have two swimming pools. Its facilities include multimedia classrooms with smart boards, an ICT Laboratory, a Science Laboratory, a library, a centre for performing arts, music, drama and design, indoor badminton courts and outdoor tennis, basketball, volleyball and futsal grounds.

The school also has a small student to teacher ratio (1:25) so that students will have the full attention of the teacher. Lessons will be held from 8am to 3pm with an extra one hour, twice weekly for co-curriculum activities.

Borneo International School is associated with a group of international and private schools in Malaysia which include Nobel International School, United International School and Havil International School.

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