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International Islamic School Malaysia: A Primary School for Academic Excellence and Integrated Islamic Education

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jul 06, 2021

International Islamic School Malaysia Primary (IISM Primary) is one of Malaysia’s leading Islamic international schools renowned for its commitment towards academic excellence while offering integrated Islamic education. Our aim is to provide the best academic experience in a safe and enriching environment for the young students to prepare them to be excellent citizens with high moral values in the ever-evolving dynamic world.  IISM Primary plays an important role in shaping many future global citizens who thirst for knowledge and strive towards a better future and a better world.

In IISM Primary, multiculturalism is a big highlight. It is a melting pot of cultures with students from a variety of backgrounds from all over the world. This fusion of cultures and backgrounds in both the students and teachers creates a diverse learning environment where students get a face-to-face experience of the real world. They learn to accept differences and live in tolerance with others.

Here at IISM Primary, we are aware that English is a global language; hence we focus heavily on ensuring our students are gaining proficiency in English. The main medium for lessons is English, with an exception for language classes, such as Arabic language and Malay language. We provide both English as a First Language and English as a Second Language to address all of our students' needs; hence, ensuring no student is left behind. IISM Primary offers Cambridge Curriculum, which emphasises skill development, ensuring that our students leave us well-equipped for life and able to flourish.

English as the medium of instruction at International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM)

To encourage and provide opportunities for the students to express themselves, our school holds an annual English Language Day. This day is filled with exciting activities and competitions, such as Nursery Rhymes Recitation, Drama, Karaoke Duets, Spelling Bee, Spoken Word, Public Speaking, to name just a few. All students participating in the events receive consolation prizes and the winners are rewarded with medals and trophies.

Fun activities at International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM)

It is no secret one must Read to Succeed. For this very reason, our students have one period of D.E.A.R. Time, in which all students and teachers Drop Everything And Read, encouraging independent reading to cultivate a life-long love for reading. Also, we have a well-stocked library which our students love to frequent for either class activities or independent reading. Weekly, students partake in a Library Quiz which tests their knowledge about random trivia.

As the famous proverb goes, one size does not fit all. This applies to teaching methodology as well. This is why our teachers come from various academic and diverse backgrounds providing a holistic education which includes engaging in-class activities, stimulating practical lab sessions, realistic role-playing, and even adventurous field trips and much more.

To instil Islamic moral values into our students, IISM Primary provides many opportunities for students to strengthen the spiritual aspect of their life. On a daily basis, students recite the morning supplications together as a school to start the day on a positive note. On a weekly basis, students learn Islamic-based subjects, such as  Qur’an, Islamic Studies and Arabic language. The Islamic aspect of the school is further enhanced with weekly practice of Dhuha prayer and Friday Nourishment Programs, whereby students hear short Islamic reminders to motivate and uplift their spirits to be the best versions of themselves.

Holistic Islamic education at International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM)

Once a year, the students compete by taking part in exciting competitions: Al-Qur’an memorisation and recitation, Hadith Memorisation, Nasheed Performance, Storytelling in Arabic and much more. Another exciting and much-anticipated event the students partake in is the annual Ibadah Camp, where students sleep over at the school participating in all ranges of activities:  listening to motivational talks, praying in congregation, cooking and eating together and engaging in outdoor activities; thus, learning the true meaning of being an effective leader and team-player in a conducive environment.

During Ramadhan, we have our Ramadhan Programme. Students write down their Ramadhan Resolutions and it is displayed in the hallway. Each week is filled with fun activities related to Ramadhan themes, such as the power of supplication, the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting, and they even compete in a ‘Qur’an Trivia Quiz’.

Holistic Islamic education to create proactive global citizens with International Islamic School Malaysia.

All in all, IISM Primary students face exciting challenges which build knowledge, faith and courage. The school serves as a fertile ground for the young students to grow in a nurturing, creative and innovative environment, whereby they learn to be active global citizens ready to contribute to not only the ummah, but the world at large - all with an attractive personality of a Muslim of the 21st century, upholding the beautiful values rooted in our peaceful religion of Islam.

Prepared by,

Teacher Whadia Nazir

Coordinator of Languages & Humanities Department/First Language English Teacher

Looking to send your child to an Islamic school that offers holistic education with an emphasis on high morals and guided on Islamic principles? Find out more about International Islamic School Malaysia and enrol your child at IISM today!


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