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International Islamic School Malaysia (IIS)

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Private School, International School, Boarding School


British, Cambridge

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Primary, Secondary, A-level

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About International Islamic School Malaysia (IIS)

IIUM Schools Sdn. Bhd. (ISSB) was formerly known as IIUM Lower Education Sdn. Bhd. It was formed as a private education provider company in 1997.

With 21 years of academic excellence, International Islamic School Malaysia (IISM), a 5-star SKIPS-rated school, aims to develop well-rounded students by integrating Islamic philosophy guided by the Quran and Prophet Muhammad PBUH’s Sunnah with holistic, worldly education.

Education at IISM covers from primary to secondary and A-Levels; ensuring students will become successful, lifelong learners who will be contributing to the community around them. IISM implements the Cambridge International Curriculum infused with various Islamic programmes, including Quranic and Islamic Studies, history and Arabic language.

Safety and Security of the School

  • CCTV and 24-hour security

School Discipline

  • Pre-screening during registration. The discipline coordinator works closely with the Students’ Affair coordinator, the Prefect Body and the school Discipline Board to monitor the students.


  • Once per week (for each subject)

2nd Language Options

  • Arabic, Malay and French

School Pledge

We the students of International Islamic school, pledge to obey Allah and His Messenger

To respect and abide by the school rules; to value and honour one and all in IIS

Together, we shall endeavour for excellence in our persons and environment, Lillahi Taala

We declare that

Our call is for Allah, our leader is the Rasul, our Deen is Islam, our foundation is the Qur’an

We are ready to strive, we are ready to struggle, we are ready to sacrifice


Our philosophy is based on the concept of Tawheed which entails the acknowledgement of Allah as:

  • The One and Only Lord of the universe.
  • The All-Knowledgeable (Al-Alim).
  • The One and Only God worthy of worship
  • The One and The Only God and that nothing resembles Him in His Names and Attributes.

IISM campus shares the same school complex as Sekolah Rendah & Menengah Setiabudi, its private school counterpart, and is near the International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM). The campus provides day and boarding students with a safe and conducive learning environment, so in-class lessons and self-study sessions run without interruptions.

The school is equipped with facilities such as:

  • Library

  • Computer labs

  • Science labs

  • Art room

  • Mussola - divided between gents’ and ladies’ sections

  • Indoor swimming pool

  • Futsal court

  • Badminton court

  • Multi-purpose hall

For boarders, the school offers a wide range of amenities so students can live and learn with peace of mind. Students will board together in a shared room and is equipped with a Wifi connection and a centralised computer room -- suitable for collaborative learning and living. Other amenities include furnished rooms, a hot shower, a communal refrigerator and dining area, and a centralised laundry room.

Wardens and assistant wardens are present at all times to assist students and ensure that they are living comfortably and safely on school grounds. The accommodation has 24-hour CCTVs installed for extra security.

IISM employs the Cambridge International Curriculum and students who have sat for the IGCSE have achieved exceptional results for the examination.

Primary students in Key Stages 1 and 2 will sit for:

  • Language (English, ESL, Bahasa Malaysia and Arabic)

  • Mathematics and Science

  • Quranic studies (Iqra’, Tilawah and Tahfiz)

  • ICT (Cambridge ICT Starters certificate)

  • Art & Design

  • Social Studies

  • Islamic Studies (Fardhu Ain)

  • Physical Education

  • D.E.A.R. Time

  • Penmanship

Secondary students in Grades 7 - 9 begin to explore these subjects:

  • Language (English, Malay for native speakers and non-native speakers, Arabic as first or second language, and French)

  • Geography, History

  • Mathematics and Science

  • Islamic History

  • Islamic Studies

  • Quranic studies (Iqra’, Tilawah and Tahfiz)

  • Art & Design

  • Physical Education

  • Mathematics, Science and ICT

When they reach Grades 11 and 10, students will sit for compulsory subjects and diverge into Science and Humanity pathways.

Core subjects include:

  • Language (English as a first or second language, Malay as a first or second language, Arabic as a foreign language, and French as a foreign language)

  • Tilawah (non-IGCSE)

  • Mathematics

  • Islamic Studies

  • ICT

  • Physical Education (non-IGCSE)

Science Pathway Humanities Pathway
Biology Geography/Arts
Chemistry History/Accounting
Physics Business Studies

Additional Mathematics/
Business Studies/Arts

Environmental Management

Students can pick up Bahasa Malaysia or Arabic which they have learnt in previous Grades, or opt to learn French instead.

Students at all levels will participate in Tilawah or Tahfiz, which requires them to go through intensive Quranic recitation or memorisation.

Besides emphasising Islamic and Quranic studies, IISM encourages its students to delve deeper into Science and Technology. In Grades 7 to 11, students are involved in science classes which are approached practically in designated laboratories. ICT is also a compulsory subject for students at all levels.

Students at IISM have passed 90% of the subjects offered, with students managing to achieve straight A’s for the October/November 2021 IGCSE. The students have also memorised Quranic verses according to the level that has been set by the school.

The teachers are highly qualified and dedicated to imparting knowledge to the students. They have built a rapport, making teachers reachable and amicable with the students.

IISM offers an array of sports and extracurricular activities that students can participate in.

  • Football

  • Basketball

  • Archery

  • Karate

  • Taekwondo

  • Red Crescent

  • Scouts

  • Editorial Club

  • Mass Comm Club

  • Robotics

  • Digital Arts

  • Practical Science Club

  • Chess

IISM’s football team qualified for the quarter-final at the Majlis Sukan Sekolah Daerah (MSSD) and participated in the annual ASMO Mathematics and Science competition. During the Covid-19 Movement Control Order, the school conducted online competitions, such as I-FIT Cardio Challenge, I-FIT TOgether: Snap, Share & Surprise, I-Diet Well: Cook, Share & Win.

IISM boarders live on a structured schedule and are given ample time to participate in the sports of their choice. They attend 5 congregated prayers every day and take part in Quran recitation and memorisation. They are nurtured to live independently as they contribute to taking care of their living quarters.

IISM manages to attract a large number of students, locally and internationally. Students come from over 40 countries, so they can expect to mingle with schoolmates from diverse backgrounds.

Teachers and Parents communicate via email, WhatsApp, and walk-in discussion. Potential parents may reach IISM via Facebook Messenger.

International Islamic School Malaysia (IIS) Fees

Tuition Fee (per year)

  • Primary: RM15,580 - RM17,600

  • Secondary: RM19,250 - RM20,450

  • A-Levels: RM20,500


  • RM12,400 - RM14,400

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International Islamic School Malaysia (IIS) | Contact Details


International Islamic School Malaysia
Central Complex, Batu 8,
Jalan Sg Pusu,
Off Jalan Gombak, 53100 Kuala Lumpur.


603 6188 4400



Frequently Asked Questions

The opening hours for International Islamic School Malaysia is from 8.00 am to 3.40 pm on Monday till Thursday, and 8.00 am to 2.30 pm on Friday.

International Islamic School Malaysia offered Malaysian National Curriculum and the Cambridge International Curriculum.

The average fees for International Islamic School Malaysia range from RM 15,800 to RM 20,5000.

Yes, boarding is available at International Islamic School Malaysia and the hostel is located in the International Islamic University (IIUM) compound.