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Becoming Lifelong Mentors at ISKL

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jul 01, 2022

"Once a Panther, Always a Panther!"

Often heard echoing through the walls of The International School of Kuala Lumpur's (ISKL) state-of-the-art campus, the phrase carries significant meaning for the school. Every student, parent, faculty, and alumni who make up our rich and diverse community is a Panther. 

Being a Panther is for life, and as our students become alumni themselves, there are various opportunities for them to give back, especially for our most recent graduates, the class of 2022, who will soon join them in experiencing life after ISKL

The Intimate Group Chat: Senior Assembly

It goes without a saying that when a student is becoming a graduate in High School, they are experiencing a spectrum of emotions as it's hard to fathom that school life, as they know it, is coming to an end. And, who better to share their post-graduation experiences with the seniors than our alumni, who have gone through a similar journey themselves?

Senior Assembly

The Senior Assembly is an avenue where our students can ask our dynamic alumni panel questions about their experiences and lessons learned as they navigate life after ISKL. This year's panel comprises alumni who graduated between 2017 and 2021, making it easier for our seniors to relate to them as they gave sage advice on adjusting to university life, balancing new responsibilities, living far away from family, and staying connected to their international school community. 

The Personalized University Experience: Get Real!

For seniors heading off to university, it can be a daunting process as they transition toward this new phase of life. Understanding that this period comes with a myriad of questions from our students, the Get Real! Series invites one alumnus for a casual chat with our students, where they have the opportunity to learn more about university life and ask questions in a small group environment.

Whether it is on application essays, living with a roommate, or interesting dorm hacks, our alumni gets real and gives insight into the life of an undergraduate. From Yonsei University to University College Utrecht, this specially curated playlist is a must for students wanting to hear first-hand experience from our alumni attending universities worldwide!

All About The Industry: Black Box Conversations 

Future Ready: Alumni Black Box Conversations is a series where our alumni share their pathways and inside career knowledge with the ISKL community. Each episode looks at a different professional grouping, exploring the many and varied opportunities for current ISKL students and our Alumni already in the field. Here's what we have done in the past:

Black Box Conversations: Medical Sciences

Focusing on the field of Medical Sciences, the alumni-filled event was hosted by Hezril Asyraaf ('13), a Presenter/Producer of the Evening Edition at BFM. Hezril is joined by Dr. Hana Aziz ('98), a General Practitioner at the Malaysia Social Research Institute clinic in Ampang, Dr. Elena Azizan ('05), a Research Lecturer at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre, and Yu Ern Hsueh ('17) who pursued Bachelor of Genetics at Queen Mary University of London. 

Black Box Conversations: The Arts

The inspiring and informative event features alumni from across the artistic spectrum. Hosted by our alumni host, Hezril Asyraaf ('13), the session is joined by Mezzo-Soprano singer Kirstin Chavez ('87), artist Haffendi Anuar ('04), filmmaker Tony Pietra Arjuna ('96), and film composer Varqa Buehrer ('03). Each panelist shares their journey in their respective professions and tips for other aspiring creatives.

Black Box Conversations: Law

Helmed by ISKL's Director of Talent and Culture Ika Muzamal, the third installment brought together Panthers to shed some light on the law-related career paths. Professor William Birdthistle (Class of '91), Sabrinne Gibson (Class of '11), Hannah Costley (Class of '12), Maggie Casey (Class of '14), and Jonathan David Ross Silva (Class of '14) joined Ika to talk about their respective journeys and shared advice for anyone who wishes to venture into law.

For the real-life experience: FLIP Internships

There is great value in pursuing internships and experiences in a practical field. Alumni Jonathan Silva ('14) also touched on the value of internships during the recent Black Box Conversations, emphasizing that "the skills you learn will set you apart from your cohort by an insane amount. No internship is wasted."

FLIP internships

Recognizing this, our seniors have the opportunity to network, find mentorships and attend events that broaden the student's understanding of a particular industry with FLIP Internships. A collaboration between High School and the Alumni office, FLIP Internships enable students aged 15 and above to obtain real-world skills and valuable information in making decisions about the direction of their future studies or career.

"When I left, I didn't think I would be as attached. But coming back and seeing the campus, all these nice, happy memories were really special. It's a sense of community that you never want to lose, and you want to guide your juniors." - Sydnie Stout (Class of '20)

ISKL Memories

One of the most rewarding ways for alumni to give back is by imparting valuable knowledge and inspiring students to thrive as global citizens. It is an invaluable experience and creates lasting memories for graduates as they embark on a new chapter after ISKL and become alumni themselves because once you are a Panther, you will always be a Panther. 

To learn more about how our alumni support the post ISKL journeys of our graduates and to keep up with upcoming events, head over to the ISKL alumni page. Keen to explore how your child can be a Panther? We invite you to visit our campus, and we look forward to sharing all that our school has to offer you and your family!