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Parenting Workshops at ISKL: A Comprehensive Look

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Mar 14, 2023

The partnership between students, parents, and staff members exemplifies The International School of Kuala Lumpur's (ISKL) status as a parent-governed school with a parent-elected board. Together with the dynamic and diligent Parent Teacher Association (PTA), they are a committed union, hosting a series of workshops to benefit ISKL’s diverse community of 65 nationalities and ensuring a student’s learning is intrinsically linked to their well-being. 

Transition involves all levels of change, whether within grades, schools, campuses, countries, or, more recently, due to the unexpected implications of the Covid-19 pandemic. Research demonstrates that constructive workshops have a significant influence on developing lifelong skills and habits. With this in mind, ISKL workshops are curated based on recorded data, so they are responsive to the emergent needs of new and evolving families.  

Elementary School (ES) Parenting Workshops 

  • ‘Parenting Younger Students in the Digital Age’ guides parents of elementary aged children to learn productively in a safe and open environment.  Establishing successful online learning routes, privacy boundaries, screen time parameters, technical support, and library resources are topics covered.  
  • ‘Understanding and Learning for the Younger Years’ focuses on encouraging a parent-partnership to explore Mathematics and Literacy focused resources with the aim of engaging children in enriched, successful learning and critical thinking strategies.
  • ‘The Art of Mindfulness’ introduces well-being methods focusing on the present. Demonstrating proven breathing techniques, presenting grounding skills, introducing online apps (including Cosmic Kids, Headspace, and Calm), and showcasing relevant videos.

  • ‘Self-regulation & Co-Regulation at Home’ are significant factors to consider in a child’s learning of themselves and their confidence in the world around them. This workshop and video program encourages parents to assure and validate their children’s feelings and offer strategies to help young learners navigate, respond to, and possibly benefit from challenging life events.   
  • ‘Strategies to Enhance Well-being’ provides practical, accessible, and realistic information to nurture a family’s well-being alongside their transitional circumstances. Using the Stop, Take, Observe, Proceed (S.T.O.P.) method, families understand how moving forward more mindfully reinforces self-care. They consider the transitional implications of the Covid-19 pandemic and how to adapt to an unexpected change positively.
  • ‘Supporting your Child Through a Transition’ acknowledges the multiple phases of transition with adjustment being both a necessity and an essential element. Nurturing a child’s welfare in times of change while encouraging closure and anticipating new opportunities is a parent-led exercise. ES Counselors identify the possible negative implications of transition using simple activities and draw upon the RAFT (Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, Think Destination) concept.

Middle School (MS) and High School (HS) Parenting Workshops

  • ‘Finding Balance in a Digital World’ is constantly evolving. Pre-pandemic, screen time management was a focus that many parents sought solutions to decrease. However, an exponential increase in the use of technology was seen during and post-pandemic. MS Counselors assist parents in becoming media mentors using strategies, tools, and book resources. 
  • ‘Movement within the Community’ is an experience often involving practical and emotional challenges for students and their parents. MS and HS Counselors share a range of proven strategies that equip transient families with the confidence to progress positively forward to their next destination. Small discussion groups enable parents to express and share their concerns, stories, and coping mechanisms to support each other and also include brainstorming storming sessions between parent and child.  
  • ‘The Transition to Further Education’ is hosted by a panel of knowledgeable and experienced HS Counselors who prepare Grade 12 parents for their child’s transition out of High School and into the realms of higher education. Using the Cross-Cultural Kid model, parents are more capable of dealing with and anticipating typical emotional responses, communicating openly, and encouraging a smooth and memorable experience for their child as they venture into an independent life.

  • ‘Letting Go and Looking Forward’ works in tandem with ‘The Transition to Further Education’ workshop whereby HS Counselors consider the notion of ‘empty nest’ syndrome, the emotional reaction that may occur as a child leaves home to embark upon their independence.  Mindful awareness of parents’ wellness and the reinvention of identity associated with ‘letting go and looking forward’ are subjects that are broached throughout the workshop. Using simple activities and reaffirming the concept of RAFT (Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, Think Destination), parents are encouraged to share their experiences and tips for success in preparing for this inevitable life event.  
  • ‘Financial Considerations for the Future Beyond’ considers the cost implications of a student aiming to study at an international university/college, whatever the personal circumstances. HS Counselors lead a series of informative workshops with a financial perspective focusing on available options. Their expertise in the American university system includes how Non-US citizens are able to apply for financial aid.  

At ISKL, we know that no two stories are the same; each and every transition is a unique and individual experience requiring attention and consideration of the finer details. To learn more about how we support our community through transition, what strategies we provide, and what transition care looks like at ISKL, we invite you to read our interactive eBook, “Transitional Pathways: an ISKL Parenting Guide about Transition.