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Why an International Education Benefits A Child’s Development

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Nov 24, 2022

It is no doubt that a school's influence on a child's development today impacts their future. Years from now, when our children today grow into global citizens who lead happy, fulfilling lives- it will be thanks in part to their education. 

Over the past ten years, the international school industry in Malaysia has experienced significant growth. This rapid increase in popularity demonstrates the rising need for globally focused education, which can significantly impact a child's overall development and offers advantages such as a multicultural environment, bilingualism skills, a global perspective, and so much more. 

International schools such as The International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL) strongly emphasize providing high-quality instruction and enhancing students' skill sets or interpersonal abilities, which can positively impact their future. Read on as we explore the benefits of international school education on a child's development. 

  • Students get a global perspective

One of the most significant benefits of international school education is its global and multicultural environment. Various nations and cultures make up the school community, allowing everyone to learn about and get familiar with individuals from different parts of the world.

ISKL’s diversity and international student base representing more than 60 nationalities enriches the community and creates an environment based on mutual respect and understanding.

Because of its global nature, students are nurtured and imbued with qualities and skills that will help them grow into the best versions of themselves in an international school setting. These skills can include discovering and appreciating others' differences, working cooperatively with classmates and community members with various personalities and worldviews, understanding their role and responsibility in making our world a better place, and more.

Most international schools provide instruction in English and various second languages from which students can select to hone their multilingual abilities. Gaining bilingual or even multilingual status is a significant advantage that is highly valued by employers and admissions officers worldwide.

An international school could be a suitable choice for your family. Learn more about why ISKL could be the right fit here.

  • Form lifelong friendships with peers from all over the world
ISKL, in all its greatness, is a spectacular school. There are many amazing things, but the environment and community drew me the most. It is a place of support, where the care and concern of the teachers and school community overflows – I felt it was a place where I could grow academically and as a person. - Soraya S. 

There are many possibilities for children in international schools to interact with peers from cultures they may not be familiar with. This is an excellent opportunity for children to get to know one another and develop teamwork skills. Students can create a global network that may continue throughout their adult lives by developing connections and ties with their peers and other school community members. These global connections can help students build more significant future connections to tap into international career opportunities.

Integral to ISKL's Vision and Mission is the school's focus on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Justice and its commitment to creating a safe and courageous culture for all community members. ISKL's education support system has been specifically designed to meet the differing needs of learners and is complemented by a caring and inclusive culture that nurtures student identities.

Students acquire critical abilities such as respect, compassion, cooperation, teamwork, and understanding of the behaviors, dispositions, goals, and values of all the people in their surroundings by being encouraged to adopt a respectful and positive attitude within the context of an international school's globally-minded environment.

Learn more about why you should choose not-for-profit international education here.

  • Positive effects on academic performance and future career

When your child is enrolled in an international school such as ISKL, the multicultural environment, internationally accredited and recognized curricula, and highly qualified teachers, allow them to identify and develop their skills and passions. The advantage of having an internationally recognized curriculum and course materials translates into the students' capacity to express themselves, engage in creative endeavors, and use their critical thinking abilities in a holistic and academically supportive environment.

I knew that my experience at ISKL would open up countless doors for me and mold me into a better person, teaching me essential values and skills I will carry with me for the rest of my life. There was no way I would miss this opportunity. - Pretyba K.

Students gain soft skills like teamwork, collaboration, decision-making, problem-solving, and time management. These abilities will help them succeed in post-secondary school and lay a solid basis for a flourishing future profession.

Planning your child's future means finding a school that will support their development to become the best version of themselves. To understand more about ISKL's learning approach and how it can help your child, click the link below and read the interactive eBook Unpacking ISKL's Curriculum: Learning Stories

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