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Idrissi International Primary School (IDRISSI) is the the worlds first Eco-Islamic primary school. Managed and operated under the Genius Aulad International Group Sdn Bhd, the team has more than 14 years of experience in the education industry.

The curriculum and learning materials have been developed with the cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic curriculum of Al Madinah International University, which is based on the Australian Curriculum Eco Organic School, National Botanical Garden, Landscape Malaysia and Protective Association Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka).

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Idrissi International School is a school that focuses on the whole child. The school was conceived by founders, who are parents, who believe than learning should not be limited to the classroom, or that memorising is the only way to learn.

The Idrissi Islamic Curriculum is a collaboration with expert advisers in the development of the global Islamic curriculum approved by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim). There are five core areas taught to students: Faith, Quran, Biography, Worship and Morals & Manners.

The Idrissi British National Curriculum is a world-class curriculum with high quality support and integrated assessment. The core subjects in Idrissi School are English, mathematics and science.

Idrissi is also the first in Malaysia to introduce Physical Sciences and design complete with an engineering Laboratory. The objective is to nurture students to have a more scientific mind and foster critical thinking and problem solving.

This syllabus is designed for students aged 7 to 16 years. It integrates science, design, technology and engineering and is inspired by the British National Curriculum, Curriculum Standard German and American K7-K12 curriculum (STEM).

Idrissi International Primary School has a unique education concept which combines values of Islam as a Learning Lifestyle and nature as a learning tool. The main language medium is English, in addition to language studies in Mandarin and Arabic.

Students can learn to communicate in Mandarin through the Idrissi Zheng He Mandarin curriculum which has been adapted with an education partner in Xi’an, China. Communication in Arabic is taught with a curriculum that has been developed in collaboration with the Al Madinah International University.

The teaching faculty consists of both local and international teachers. Classes start from 9am to 3.30pm.

Idrissi has 15 "student-centered and open-learning" concept classes and two laboratories. In addition, Idrissi also provides sports areas like a badminton court, basketball court , futsal area as well as wall climbing and archery facilities.

Did you know Idrissi International School has a Secondary program? Check out this video to find out more!

At Idrissi International Secondary School, the staff values the rich cultural diversity of the community and work hard to ensure that students' learning experiences reflect this positively . Idrissi is the only school of its kind in Malaysia to offer such a varied and rich co-curricular programme which has a direct relevance to student development.

Idrissi's planned programmes includes 'Bikeability', leadership, entrepreneurship and advanced graphic design. With the addition of computer programming, collaborative learning, and robotics with the ICT course, Idrissi Secondary School is a truly exciting place to be right now.


  • RM1,000

*One-time payment

  • Preschool: RM6,000

  • Primary School: RM6,000

  • Secondary School: RM6,000

*Applicable to International Students only

  • Preschool: RM500

  • Primary School: RM1,000

  • Secondary School: RM1,500

  • Primary School: RM300

  • Secondary School: RM300

*One-time payment

  • Preschool: RM500

  • Primary School: RM1,200

  • Secondary School: RM1,200

*Payment to be made per term with the exception for Preschool (to be paid per year)

*3 terms in an academic year

  • Primary School (Girl): RM140

  • Primary School (Boy): RM64

  • Secondary School (Girl): RM166.20

  • Secondary School (Boy): RM174.90

  • Preschool (Girl): RM23

  • Preschool (Boy): RM20

  • Primary School (Girl): RM23

  • Primary School (Boy): RM20

  • Secondary School (Girl): RM25

  • Secondary School (Boy): RM23

  • Preschool: RM10,800

  • Primary School: RM13,800

  • Secondary School: RM15,600

*3 terms per academic year