British National Curriculum, IGCSE, International Baccalaureate (IB)


Primary, Secondary


Kota Damansara, Selangor


24-28 Students


No boarding


"The curriculum at Sri KDU is based on a child-centred instructional approach with emphasis on reading, writing and basic arithmetic skills. Their sport facilities are quite new and well maintained.

The security is priority at the school. It is a suitable school for those who want an international education at good prices."

The fee range for Year 1 to Year 11 per annum is RM37,000 to RM55,000.

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The core values of Sri KDU International School (SKIS) are: Trust, Respect, Integrity, Bravery, Energy; better known by the acronym TRIBE. These values are regularly being instilled in students as SKIS continues to evolve and improve its pedagogy while adopting innovative education practices to achieve better student performance.


Their objective is to become the best international school in the world, providing a balanced holistic education with many learning opportunities for students to develop academically and emotionally.

Teaching and Learning is at the core of all that we do as teachers and as students. Student progress, through exciting and innovative pedagogy, is our aim. Our goal is to create active learners who flex all their learning muscles. To do this, we make reference to Guy Claxton’s studies on Building Learning Power© and the 4R’s: Resilience, Reciprocity, Reflection and Resourcefulness. We ensure opportunities to develop these areas are embedded into all lessons.


Teaching and Learning is monitored and improved on a termly basis through our robust quality assurance programme. These include:

  • Graded lesson observations and lesson observation feedback to teachers termly

  • Teaching and learning reports termly

  • Learning Walks

  • Student Voice input

  • Teacher planning and marking checks

  • Book sampling and monitoring

  • Tutor Time and Planner checks

Their extensive and engaging curriculum, led by a team of well-qualified and committed teaching staff, enables students to develop both the academic and the social/emotional aspects of learning. The students follow the United Kingdom National Curriculum from Year 1 to Year 9 which means all students study the following subjects: English, Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Mandarin or French, Music, Art, Design and Technology, Physical Education.


Year 10 and 11 students follow a two-year programme leading to Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) in 8 - 10 subjects. SKIS also offers the challenging IBDP (International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme) pre-university course which encompasses both the Sciences and Arts, emphasizing critical thinking as well as developing communication and social skills.

Sri KDU International School students trained consistently and performed well at the National Sports Council of Malaysia (Majlis Sukan Sekolah-Sekolah Daerah/Negeri/Malaysia) tournaments and major sporting competitions.


There have also been notable accomplishments in various fields including but not limited to: Athletics, Chess, Fencing, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Wushu, Triathlon, Cheerleading, Marathon, Handball, Netball, Tennis, Badminton and Swimming in the 2016/2017 academic year.

  • Duke of Edinburgh International Award;

  • Paramount Championship;

  • People To People International (PTPI) Student Chapter;

  • Leo Club;

  • Eco School Programme.


  • RM1,200



  • RM6,600



  • RM10,000

*Refundable with written notice of withdrawal submitted three (3) months before commencement of school intake

  • Primary School: RM12,270 - RM13,320

  • Secondary School: RM11,520 - RM16,510

*3 terms per academic year

Multiple students from one family, studying concurrently in the same school year may enjoy the following discount applicable to Tuition Fee only:

  • 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th enrolled child and above at 5%,10%, 15% and 20% discount respectively