Kingsgate International School is set to become Malaysia’s premier international school and this outstanding individual will be leading it

June 01, 2017

It is exciting times ahead for all you folks living in Bukit Jalil as Kingsgate International School is set to open its doors in January 2018. For parents like us looking for the best education for our children coupled with great facilities, proximity to home where safety is paramount, it can be a tough decision.


Will Ore, head of school of Kingsgate International School is an outstanding and experienced education leader, spending the last 13 plus years as an elementary, middle and high school teacher before moving on to positions as both Deputy and Head of School at several leading IB World and Cambridge Schools in the Asia Pacific Region.

Ore’s rich and wide variety of experiences include being in the US Army — making him an excellent candidate to lead a school with passion and integrity. In this exclusive interview, School Advisor learns about his aspirations for the school and his educational philosophy. Hopefully, this will give you some insight into why Kingsgate is the school for your child.


Journey in Education

Ore never expected to be involved in education because growing up, he didn’t find anything exciting about teaching, considering it antiquated and boring. However, this changed when he joined the military. He found the methods of teaching current, it involved hands-on practises and practical knowledge that could be easily applied in the real world. It was then he knew he wanted to be an educator.

With the knowledge and experience he cultivated serving in the army, Ore learnt how to lead a school successfully, and with utmost integrity. The military also taught him how to assemble and work with diverse teams to get a range of perspectives. According to Ore, an important aspect of being head of school is the ability to stay calm under pressure and take into account the opinion of others.

Parents interested in the International Baccalaureate programme would be excited to know that Ore is an IB team leader, team member, reader and consultant, having reviewed schools for accreditation throughout the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

Will Ore


Educational Philosophy

Ore’s educational philosophy is based on his uncompromising belief that, “all students can learn, given a positive learning environment, strong and knowledgeable leadership, a committed and focused educational team, an encouraging community and a supportive family. All of which, the Kingsgate International School will possess.”


“It’s the spark that starts the fire”.


He believes that every child has a spark within them called curiosity. Unfortunately, most schools smother that spark within the first few years of a child’s formal education. These schools and their “cookie-cutter” approach to education put out the spark before it has the chance to be a roaring fire with heavy textbooks, reams of daily homework and constant exams, which consequently extinguishes the potential of unique growth, curiosity and exploration.

“I believe that each student’s spark should be fostered and encouraged to grow into a fire of creative, tolerant and critical thinking. It’s that spark that will not only foster a joy of life-long learning, but will make a better world tomorrow and for generations to come,” he says.

For any school it is the teachers that make the biggest difference in the lives of their students. Therefore, Ore is firm that a teacher should have the characteristics each parent wants to see in their children. “An excellent teacher is a person who is friendly, kind, a good communicator and a listener but most of all, a teacher has to have a great sense of humour.”


Kingsgate Approach to Education

The school’s philosophy reflects Understanding by Design (UbD) theories that focus on a ‘beginning with the end in mind.’ Ore clarifies that to maximise students’ achievement it is essential that educators drive all planning toward a common goal. He adds, learning needs to be shaped within context to ensure meaningful and engaging content for young adolescents because students learn best when they can relate the lesson to real-life experiences and are able to make a connection between different subject areas.

Ore says it is important for parents to read and research the school that they’ll be visiting. He also encourages parents to talk to other parents about the school because this information is invaluable.

“Additionally, tour the school during school hours so you get a clearer picture of the schools’ values and culture.  Choosing a school is very much like shopping for a pair of shoes, some are too expensive, some too cheap, some poorly constructed (managed), don’t fit, too much bling, are just plain ugly, or worse; terrible “copies” advertised as an original.  Choose a school you feel will be the best fit for your child to be happy in, safe, nurturing, learning environment that allows them to pursue their goals and dreams.”

Ore hopes every child who attends Kingsgate International School will be the “Spark that lights the fire” for a better today, tomorrow and generations to come. Make an appointment with the school today to understand the Kingsgate way.