Islamic International Schools in Malaysia

August 05, 2014

Islamic education in International Schools is now a popular choice among Malaysian parents today. With the synergy of an international curriculum coupled with Islamic teachings in a proper and concise structure, students are able to enjoy and benefit the best from both worlds that nurture and caters to the academic and spiritual needs of students.

Beyond the academic curriculum, these schools also provide pastoral care that follows the tenets of Islam with students guided by teachers on the aspects of spiritual fulfillment.

The list is of the Islamic International schools located in Malaysia that are concentrated within Kuala Lumpur & the Klang Valley area. However, it is important to note that many non-Islamic schools do provide Islamic studies in the syllabus, catering to the needs of Muslim students.

1. Seven Skies International School

Seven Skies International is a unique concept that provides a holistic curriculum for the comprehensive development of a child. SSI unique curriculum is unlike other schools in that it is activity based and involves experiential learning.


  • Location: Taman Sains Selangor, Petaling Jaya
  • Curriculum: Arabic Curriculum, British National Curriculum
  • Levels Offered: Primary

Seven Skies International

Seven Skies International is led by a team of educational experts drawn from across the world who have come together to design, develop and deliver a unique educational experience.

The school takes pride in building the character of the soul, which values and yearns for success, and allows the children to want the success for themselves and to mold their lives accordingly.


2. Idrissi International Primary School (IDRISSI)

Idrissi International Primary School

Idrissi International Primary School (IDRISSI) is the the worlds first Eco-Islamic primary school. Managed and operated under the Genius Aulad International Group Sdn Bhd, the team has more than 14 years of experience in the education industry.

  • Location: Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Curriculum: British National Curriculum, Islamic Primary Education (IPE) Curriculum
  • Levels Offered: Primary
  • Fee Range: RM10,000 – RM15,000


The curriculum and learning materials have been developed with the cooperation of the Organization of the Islamic curriculum of Al Madinah International University, which is based on the Australian Curriculum Eco Organic School, National Botanical Garden, Landscape Malaysia and Protective Association Khazanah Alam Malaysia (Peka).

3. Greenview Islamic School

With a core focus on 4 C’s, namely Critical & Creative thinking, Communication skills and Character building, Greenview islamic School follows the Cambridge International Curriculum for both Primary & Secondary education.

  • Location: Shah Alam, Selangor
  • Curriculum: Cambridge International Curriculum, IGCSE, Islamic Primary Education (IPE) Curriculum
  • Levels Offered: Primary, Secondary
  • Fee Range: 
    • Primary RM10,000 – RM15,000
    • Secondary RM10,000 – RM15,000

Greenview Islamic School

The education at Greenview centers upon an Islamic base which emphasizes on the usage of English with dedicated learning facilities for science, arts and ICT in Shah Alam.

4. Baseerah International School

With an aim to develop Islamic values within and out of the classroom, Baseerah International School provides a syllabus that places an emphasis on Arabic and Islamic studies with a well experienced teaching staff comprising of local and expatriate teachers.


  • Location: Batu Caves, Selangor
  • Curriculum: Cambridge International Curriculum
  • Levels Offered: Primary, Secondary
  • Fee Range: 
    • Primary RM10,000 – RM15,000
    • Secondary RM10,000 – RM15,000

International Schools in Malaysia offering Islamic Curriculum, Baseerah International School

The school provides a balance between academic and co-curricular activities with facilities in order to allow students to attain a balance life in school imbued with Islamic values.

5. Al Noor International School

Founded in 1993 by professionals with the shared vision for education, Al Noor International School currently caters to students from 34 different nationalities with a curriculum that blends the very best from the British, Bahraini and Indian curriculum.


  • Location: Bukit Petaling, Kuala Lumpur
  • Curriculum: A-Levels, IGCSE
  • Levels Offered: Primary, Secondary
  • Fee Range: 
    • Primary: RM10,000 – RM15,000
    • Secondary: RM10,000 – RM15,000

The school provides a foundation that is based upon English and Arabic as first and second languages coupled with an international curriculum that is rounded with Islamic studies to nurture and stimulate students.

6. International Islamic School

Founded by Muslim Scholars who taught at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), the International Islamic School was established in 1998 with a predominant Muslim student population of 900 ranging from Nursery to Secondary school with boarding facilities available.


  • Location: Gombak, Kuala Lumpur
  • Curriculum: A-Levels, Cambridge International Curriculum, IGCSE
  • Levels Offered: Primary, Secondary
  • Fee Range: 
    • Primary: RM15,000 – RM25,000
    • Secondary: RM15,000 – RM25,000

International Islamic School Malaysia

The school has an integrated balance between academic studies along with Islamic teachings that are anchored on Tawhid. This is evident with the comprehensive education that includes ICT, Islamic and al Quran studies along with active co-curricular activities.

7. International Modern Arabic School

The International Modern Arabic School is noted to be the only school in Malaysia to offer an Arabic curriculum to students from Preschool to Secondary. With education certificates from Yemen & the IGCSE, students at Modern Arabic International School have leverage with an international curriculum that has Middle Eastern and Islamic roots.


  • Location: Presint 14, Putrajaya
  • Curriculum: Arabic Curriculum, British National Curriculum, IGCSE, Singapore National Curriculum
  • Levels Offered: Primary, Secondary
  • Fee Range: 
    • Primary: RM10,000 – RM15,000
    • Secondary: RM25,000 – RM35,000


The school provides Arabic for native and non-Arabic students alongside a curriculum that caters to the humanities, arts, science and mathematics. This is further enhanced by the values on Islamic and al-Quran studies at the school.