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Pre-University Internships: Bridge to Success in Academia and Careers

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jun 05, 2024

For school students, pre-university internships offer a valuable bridge, equipping students with practical skills and crucial self-discovery.

Internships provide hands-on experience in a chosen field. Whether assisting in a research lab or shadowing marketing professionals, students gain a firsthand perspective on daily tasks and industry challenges. This exposure can solidify or shift career aspirations, ensuring a more informed university path. In other words, an internship allows students to test the waters, gaining firsthand experience and clarity on potential career paths.

Beyond technical skills, internships nurture essential professional qualities. Students develop time management, communication and teamwork abilities through collaborating with colleagues and meeting deadlines. They also learn workplace etiquette and navigate professional dynamics, building confidence for future endeavours.

The benefits extend beyond the immediate internship. The experience adds a valuable line to a student’s resume, setting them apart in a competitive applicant pool when it comes to applying for a top university. Universities are actively seeking candidates who demonstrate practical experience in their field of interest. Internships provide tangible evidence of a student’s commitment and their proactive approach to understanding their chosen field. This experience can significantly strengthen university applications, distinguishing them from their peers.

What’s more, connections forged during an internship can blossom into mentorships or even future job opportunities. If you’re looking for such experiences for your child, then consider these two international schools in Malaysia:

Charterhouse Malaysia aims to create an educational environment where students and teachers can study, create, and inspire, developing their abilities for better lives.

Charterhouse Malaysia

Charterhouse Malaysia, an English-medium international school nestled in Sri Hartamas, champions an innovative curriculum driven by the vision of “Future Ready – Education for a New Reality.” This approach embraces Design Thinking to spark curiosity, fuel creativity, and equip students with essential real-world skills.

Experiential learning is paramount at Charterhouse Malaysia. Its IGNITE internship programme prioritises holistic development, fostering the skills and experiences needed to thrive globally. The programme bridges the gap between classroom theory and professional practice. Students delve into various industries, build professional networks, and hone crucial skills like teamwork and problem-solving. Beyond that, it also offers invaluable experiences that prepare them for future careers.

Engagement with professional environments is another key benefit. Beyond industry exposure, internships are crucial for university admissions. Institutions increasingly seek candidates with practical experience in their chosen fields. Internships prove a student’s commitment and proactive approach to understanding their field. As such, the IGNITE programme can significantly strengthen applications, giving Charterhouse students a competitive edge.

Through strong partnerships with leading organisations across diverse fields like IT, finance, healthcare and law, Charterhouse offers a wealth of internship opportunities. This broad exposure allows students to make informed academic and career decisions. Just ask Adriel, who experienced a transformative journey during her internship at Kevin Wu Law Firm.

“This experience gave me a glimpse into the daily lives of lawyers and inspired me to reach greater heights, proving that anything is possible with courage. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and am committed to pursuing justice with integrity.”

Similarly, Katelynn’s internship at Mont Hope Clinic solidified her desire to pursue medicine. Working alongside experienced professionals, she navigated challenging scenarios ranging from routine examinations to more complex scenarios. “I enjoyed this internship experience very much and it definitely fuelled my passion further to pursue medicine in the future.”

By combining personalised guidance with real-world exposure, Charterhouse Malaysia empowers students to excel in their university applications and future careers. It’s no wonder its students go on to secure admission at prestigious universities like Yale, Imperial College London, Columbia University, NYU and more.


As one of the best international schools in Kuala Lumpur and Malaysia, GIS is committed to holistic and broader learning concepts that extend beyond the traditional classroom.


Garden International School

Garden International School (GIS), a prestigious institution accredited by the Council of International Schools, boasts a rich history as one of Malaysia’s oldest international schools.  Catering to students from Early Years (Nursery to Reception) to Year 13, GIS fosters a vibrant community across its two campuses in Desa Sri Hartamas and Mont Kiara.

More than just academics, GIS cultivates well-rounded individuals through its diverse student body, which represents over 65 nationalities. Here, students from various backgrounds learn, live and thrive together. GIS consistently produces well-rounded students who are well-equipped for life. One way GIS achieves this feat is through its bespoke THRIVE internship programme.

Offered to Sixth Form students, THRIVE is a four-week internship programme designed to provide hands-on work experience. Over the past five years, GIS has partnered with over 200 companies across various industries, from medicine and engineering to finance.  This collaboration allows students to explore their chosen fields, gaining valuable real-world skills and knowledge.

Going after career goals at a young age can be intimidating. The THRIVE programme enables GIS students to make the first step to start developing ‘real world’ knowledge and skills in their chosen field. By working with experienced professionals, students gain an in-depth perspective on their chosen career pathways when they collaborate and problem-solve with these industry experts.

This immersive experience allows students to truly thrive.

“I gained a range of invaluable skills by observing everyone who worked there and how to act in an intense professional environment. I’m very grateful to the company and GIS for this opportunity,” says Sadhana Saravanan, an alumni who interned at Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur.

Another alumni, Alyssa Cheong, who interned at BURO Malaysia, agrees. "The THRIVE internship provided me with an in-depth insight into the Journalism industry, in which I had the opportunity to develop critical real-world skills."

Click here to learn more about the THRIVE programme at GIS