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Meet My Principal - International Islamic School Malaysia

Published by SchoolAdvisor on May 16, 2019, 02:42 AM

Ms Khurram is a  passionate and dedicated educationalist with 25 years of diverse experience in the field. She is someone who strongly believes that every child CAN DO and every child has the right to be nurtured in his/her unique gift of innate intelligence. SchoolAdvisor sat down with the compassionate Ms Khurram and found out her views on various aspects of the school and her life.

What drew you into education in the first place?

I think teaching is in my genes. I have inherited passion and love for teaching and education from my ancestors…..from my father and grandfather who were well known and well-respected teachers of their time.

What do you think your school needs from its principal?

My school needs my love, care, attitude, passion and believe that every child CAN DO.

What are the school’s strengths you will be building on?

Excellent expat staff, a good blend of teachers from both local and international community, parents support, trust and believe, students talent and energies.

What does education need to focus on in the future?

Education needs to focus more on the use of technology and a strong value-based curriculum and practice. 21st Century skills is a buzz word in education nowadays. The schools need to focus on 21st-century learning and teaching.

If we were sitting here a year from now conducting an interview for recent success, what would you hope or want that success to be?

My success would be value-based students who are more humane, humbler, more kind, more resilient, risk taker, balanced and above all global citizens and open minded with all-rounder approach. Whatever field they choose they make a difference as an individual and as a professional.

How do you build a positive school culture? Give examples of how you do that here.

I try it with positive staff and students referrals. Acknowledgement and celebration of their success and wellbeing. Quarterly rewards for both students and staff.

Rapid Fire Questions with Sidra Khurram

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