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Beyond Education: Embracing Excellence at Leading International Schools with the Taylor’s Education Group

Published by SchoolAdvisor | Jul 21, 2023

If you want to prepare your children not only for school but also for college and beyond, international schools are the ideal choice. These schools offer a wide range of opportunities and recognise that a child's development goes beyond exams. Being literate means more than just knowing the ABCs and 123s; it also involves being knowledgeable in science, technology, finance, civics and culture.

International schools offer flexible and diverse curricula that allow children to explore their passions and interests in safe and supportive environments. Along with providing excellent academics, these schools lay a strong foundation for children to become responsible global citizens. They focus on developing essential skills such as critical thinking, effective communication and creativity, which are necessary to succeed in a world influenced by automation and artificial intelligence.

When it comes to international schools, Taylor’s Education Group (TEG) is a highly respected private education institution network known for its long-standing success in Malaysia and the region. With over 22,000 students across Malaysia, Singapore and Vietnam, TEG offers outstanding education from the Early Years to the Postgraduate level, earning a reputation as a centre of excellence. Here are four international schools under the Taylor’s Education Group that you can consider for your children.

Australian International School Malaysia 

AISM takes pride in being the world’s first certified ‘Visible Learning School’, conducting an evidence-based approach to its teaching and learning methodologies.

Operating for more than 20 years in Malaysia, Australian International School Malaysia (AISM) offers high-quality education led by Australian and international educators. AISM is the most experienced provider of the Australian Curriculum in Malaysia, with 74% Australian and expatriate teachers, dedicated to educating students from 22 nationalities. Its curriculum spans from Pre-School to Pre-University and is delivered by highly qualified, predominantly expatriate teachers.

Australia is rated as one of the highest-performing countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development's (OECD) Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA). Australia performs well above the OECD average and is considered to provide ‘high quality, high-equity curriculum outcomes’. As such, AISM’s Australian curriculum is world-renowned.

In their final year of secondary education, AISM students undertake the New South Wales Higher School Certificate (HSC) examination. This comprehensive programme assesses students through a combination of school-based evaluations, accounting for 50% of their final grade and an end-of-year examination contributing the remaining 50%.

The programme, completed during Year 11 and Year 12 offers flexibility, a broad range of subjects and an assessment approach similar to that of a university experience. As such, incorporating visible learning approaches and holistic teaching and learning methods equip students with the necessary skills to undertake university programmes and ensure students stand out from their peers.

AISM takes pride in being the world’s first certified ‘Visible Learning School’ and applies this evidence-based approach to its teaching and learning methodologies. Developed by Prof John Hattie, visible learning is a thoroughly researched method that emphasises the most influential teaching factors, fostering positive student learning outcomes. This accreditation ensures AISM upholds the highest staff professional development and training standards, student engagement and pedagogy.

Promoting student well-being is a core focus at AISM. Mindfulness activities are regularly held to support students’ mental well-being and encourage accountability for their actions.

With a team of 15 Mindfulness Certified teachers, AISM integrates daily mindful activities into the school routine, ensuring a regular holistic approach. 

That’s not all. AISM recognises that each student is different and thus has unique learning abilities. Hence, it emphasises differentiated teaching to meet student-specific needs. This way, all students have the potential to develop a strong foundation for lifelong learning. The school also strives to create individuals who can be global leaders. For this, the school trains young minds about global issues and solutions during class and through their Service Learning programmes. These programmes help students to understand their community and make a positive impact on their surroundings.

As a result of these endeavours, AISM students consistently express their enjoyment of learning, praise the high quality of teaching staff and appreciate the positive atmosphere fostered at the school. Click here to learn more about AISM and the Australian curriculum.

Taylor's International School

Taylor’s International School is the first school in the world to receive the Quantum Learning Distinguished School (QLDS) award, reflecting the unwavering dedication to excellence in teaching and learning through the integration of the Quantum Learning methodology.

Taylor's International School (TIS) is dedicated to providing quality education for students from Early Years to Secondary levels. The school offers an exceptional global learning experience that is affordable and based on the esteemed National Curriculum of England. This curriculum leads to the recognised International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) qualifications.

TIS celebrates cultural diversity by immersing students in three languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia and Mandarin.

In addition, the school believes in a holistic approach to education that emphasises academic excellence and character development. As the school’s values are rooted in the rich traditions of Eastern and Western cultures, TIS provides students with a well-rounded education to ‘raise them ready’. The teachers go beyond the conventional boundaries of learning by encouraging students to adopt innovative thinking in their educational journey. To that end, lessons and activities are thoughtfully designed to enable students to explore various techniques to arrive at well-rounded conclusions.

To foster a culture of excellence, the school has adopted the Quantum Learning system, a powerful teaching and learning methodology. This approach is based on the brain’s natural way of learning and recognises unique individual learning styles. Quantum Learning utilises four core components: Foundation, Atmosphere, Environment, and Design and Delivery. Each of these elements contributes to an optimised learning experience, promoting higher levels of cognition and enhancing student comprehension and proficiency across a wide range of subjects. Students taught using the Quantum Learning method are more engaged and achieve greater levels of understanding and competency.

TIS also offers a wide range of Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) as an integral part of its school programme, where students can explore their interests and talents. Furthermore, TIS also provides optional Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs), allowing students to delve deeper into their physical, creative and social pursuits. These opportunities help them develop valuable skills, confidence and knowledge.

TIS also takes great pride in being the first school in the world to receive the Quantum Learning Distinguished School (QLDS) award. This prestigious recognition, awarded by the Quantum Learning Network in the US, reflects the school’s and teachers’ unwavering dedication to excellence in teaching and learning through the integration of the Quantum Learning methodology.

Furthermore, TIS has consistently demonstrated exceptional student performance, as evidenced by the numerous IGCSE awards bestowed upon students by the Cambridge Assessment International Education. Over the years, TIS KL students have earned 15 “Top in Malaysia” awards and nine “Top in the World” awards. At TIS Puchong, their first three cohorts of students have received three “High Achievement” awards, four “Top in Malaysia” awards, and four “Top in the World” awards.

With campuses located in the heart of KL and the suburb of Puchong, TIS provides state-of-the-art facilities and impactful learning spaces for its students. TIS is committed to creating an environment conducive to effective learning and growth. Click here to learn more about Taylor's International School and its comprehensive curriculum.

Nexus International School

Besides quality education, Nexus International School is home to over 60 boarders from various countries.

Nexus International School, established in 2008 under the TEG, strives to be a school centred around learning and an internationally minded community. Its vision is to nurture and support every learner, enabling them to become responsible global citizens. The school has been recognised for its excellence, being accredited with the Mastering Status for delivering the IEYC and IPC curriculum and acknowledged by Cambridge University as one of the world's top 100 innovative schools.

The Nexus Way embodies a unique philosophy that guides both teachers and learners in achieving both academic success and personal growth. This philosophy encompasses four key elements: Mindsets, Relationships, Innovation and Inclusion. Each element serves its purpose in developing respectful, caring individuals who are prepared to lead in a global community. The Nexus Way is seamlessly integrated into a rigorous international curriculum designed to foster different perspectives and critical thinking skills among learners.

In the early years and primary levels, Nexus offers the learner-focused International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) and International Primary Curriculum (IPC). Aligned with the school’s vision of cultivating globally responsible citizens, these curricula emphasise personal, social, emotional and international learning goals. Nexus encourages collaboration among learners, parents and teachers to develop these goals, fostering a hands-on approach to student growth.

For secondary school students, Nexus provides education in the IGCSE programme, which combines a broad range of subjects with opportunities for specialisation. Approaches to Learning (ATLs) are integrated into the teaching and learning environment, equipping learners with strategies, skills and attitudes necessary for independent study and effective time management through the Nexus Core Programme.

The IB Diploma, offered at Nexus, offers learners a deep understanding of academic subjects and encourages reflection on their comprehension of the world. This comprehensive diploma assesses more than just exam techniques; it promotes independent thinking and confidence in learners. Graduates of the IB diploma programme from Nexus have successfully gained admission to prestigious universities such as University College London, London School of Economics, University of British Columbia, John Hopkins University and many others.

Nexus Boarding House serves as a home to over 60 boarders from various countries including New Zealand, Malaysia, China, Australia, the UK, South Korea, India, Japan, Bangladesh, Vietnam and more. Flexible boarding options foster a supportive community, a multicultural environment and a balanced programme that nurtures boarders’ independence and respect for others.

To discover what sets Nexus apart and explore the achievements of its learners, click here.

Garden International School (GIS)

Garden International School is an Apple Distinguished School, utilising technology to enhance the learning journey and equipping students with the skills necessary to excel as creators, communicators, collaborators and critical thinkers in university and beyond.

Garden International School (GIS), recognised by the Council of International Schools, is a prestigious educational institution in Malaysia with a rich history. It comprises two campuses: Desa Sri Hartamas, catering to Early Years (Nursery to Reception), and Mont Kiara, accommodating Primary and Secondary school students (Year 1 to Year 13).

GIS represents a diverse community, attracting students from 65 different countries aged 3 to 18. The school fosters creativity, builds confidence and transforms students into global citizens through exceptional teaching. Complemented by a tailored British curriculum that embraces diversity and meets the needs of students, GIS sets the stage for success.

As a “through-school”, GIS ensures smooth transitions for students between each stage, both academically through its curriculum and socially through programmes like the GIS Buddy System and Social Emotional Learning Programme. Its focus on holistic development empowers students to become the best versions of themselves. With a nurturing environment that encourages a genuine love for learning (Early Years Learning through Play Programme to the Sixth Form GIS Electives), students are inspired to become lifelong learners with curious minds and an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

GIS school days are filled with enriching experiences and opportunities that challenge students to develop their skill sets and venture beyond their comfort zones. Walk into any classroom and you’ll witness productive interactions and collaborations among students, peers and teachers. With small class sizes, personalised learning is prioritised, ensuring students receive an exceptional education and bolster their confidence levels.

Teachers devote time each week to exploring pedagogy, planning innovative lessons, collaborating with colleagues and reflecting on their practice. These efforts aim to make learning enjoyable and meaningful for the students. GIS’s commitment to academic rigour and quality teaching is reflected in the outstanding results GIS students consistently achieve in A-level and IGCSE examinations, a testament to their teacher’s hard work and unwavering support.

GIS uses technology to provide high-quality teaching and learning experiences to its international community. As an Apple Distinguished School, the school utilises technology to enhance the learning journey, equipping students with the skills necessary to excel as creators, communicators, collaborators and critical thinkers in university and beyond.

Beyond academics, GIS offers various co-curricular activities encompassing 150 options, sports, camps, trips, student leadership, art and more. Additionally, all Year 12 students have the opportunity to participate in a four-week internship aligned with their interests, providing invaluable real-world knowledge and skills while working alongside experienced industry professionals. This internship programme gives students a glimpse into their future paths.

If you’re keen on finding out more about Garden International School, click here.