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How to Get into an International School

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Apr 12, 2018, 09:10 AM

Have you decided to take the plunge and get your child enrolled in an international school? If you have, that’s great! However, choosing a school is only half the battle, as you’ll now have to adhere to the application process of your school of choice. While different schools employ different procedures, below you’ll find the typical application procedure of an international school, so you’ll know what to expect before going down this long and twisting path.

Most schools would require potential students to complete and submit their application form online while others would want them to mail it. As such, it is important to read the instructions on a school’s website carefully.

The completed application form is to be submitted together with the following documents:

A copy of a student’s birth certificate and/or Identity Card and/or passport

A copy of each parent’s Identity Card or passport

A copy of each parent’s Entry Visa stamp on their respective passports (for foreign students)

A copy of a student’s school records for the past 3 years translated into English

A copy of the student’s official leaving certificate from the previously attended school (if the students is transferring)

A copy of the student’s health report (including immunisation records)

Two (2) recent passport-size, coloured photographs

Payment of a non-refundable application fee that ranges from RM500 to RM3,500 depending on the school. It is important to understand that this payment does not guarantee a place for the child in the school.

Assessments are conducted to determine whether a school is suitable for your child and to place them in a study grade that is most suitable to his or her level of knowledge. The nature of this assessment differs depending on the level in question. Most schools would assess a child’s ability in mathematics, science and English.

*Acceptance into international schools is subject to satisfactory assessment

The student’s application and the results of their assessment will be checked thoroughly by respective admissions officers to ensure that not only is the school capable of meeting the child’s needs, but that the child will be able to settle in happily as well.

Once the child’s application is successful, the school will issue an offer letter. The acceptance of this offer must be made prior to the child’s commencement of a school term. Payment of the required registration and deposit fees constitutes the acceptance of a place and therein confirms a place for the child.

Your child is now ready to experience a learning institution that is designed to stimulate the mind to achieve new possibilities and teaching that is not confined to the classroom.

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