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Benefits of Boarding and International Schools in Malaysia That Offer Them

Published by SchoolAdvisor on Apr 11, 2018, 09:54 AM

Boarding schools are popular in Malaysia as parents are realising that boarding can be academically and developmentally beneficial for their children. Here are some key advantages that the boarding experience offers.

"Hmm…boarding? Does that mean students are only allowed to go home at the end of the term?"

Well, not necessarily.

Boarding schools typically offer three types of arrangement:

full boarding (seven days a week)

weekly boarding (students live on campus from Monday to Friday and return home on the weekends)

flexi-boarding (students can opt to live on campus for one or several nights each week)

Not sure how your child can benefit from boarding? We’ll give you five reasons!

1. Highly qualified teachers

These teachers do not see their profession as a chore or a job, but rather a calling. Each boarding house has a housemaster or housemistress, who is responsible for the overall welfare of students in their care. They live on-site and are assisted by a team of experienced and dedicated tutors, providing day students and boarders with a warm, homely and supportive atmosphere. 

2. 24-hour learning

Immersion in an educational world where learning is central and personalised is important. At top boarding schools, an appreciation for intelligence and achievement is the norm within peer groups, and students are surrounded by those who share their high aspirations. 

3. Excellent preparation for university life

With their skills and confidence developed as boarders, students will be well-placed to attend universities worldwide and are better prepared to embrace the academic rigour and independent study they will face. The shared experience of being part of a boarding school’s tradition and history creates a strong network of people and a feeling of community that can last a lifetime. This allows students to have better social skills upon entering university. 

4. Independence and self-reliance

Boarding schools bestow on students an independence they would not have gained living at home. They are encouraged to become self-reliant yet supportive of their peers and contribute to the running of their house through committee roles such as house captain and member of school council. The boarding experience, besides being fun, is an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of student life. 

5. Deepening interests

Whether they are interested in arts, sports, science, language or maths, boarding school gives students the time and support to explore their interests and excel. Today's schools aim to develop co-curricular programmes that are outstanding in terms of breadth of choice and the quality of coaching. Boarders also have access to unrivalled facilities seven days a week that can be used to develop their passions further after school hours.

International Schools Offering Boarding in Malaysia


Marlborough College Malaysia

Raffles American School

R.E.A.L. Schools Johor


MAZ International School

Sunway International School


Wadi Sofia International School


Labuan International School


Kolej Yayasan Saad

Negeri Sembilan

UCSI International School

Epsom College Malaysia

Cempaka International Ladies' College

Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar

Nilai International School


Highlands International Boarding School


 Dalat International School

The International School of Penang (Uplands)

Prince of Wales Island International School


Tenby International School

Westlake International School


Nexus International School

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